Almost everybody has experienced neck pain once in their life. A study has shown that about ten percent of Americans have neck pain, which is set to rise. Most Memorial Area neck pain occurs from muscles and tendons. A muscle spasm occurs due to an underlying neck issue like arthritis, and it rarely begins at night. Why then wait and watch neck pain agonize you? Below, we discuss how to prevent this pain.

  1. Use a New Pillow

Many options are available to offer support and comfort to your neck as you sleep. The general rule is to use pillows that align your spine neutrally. These pillows should also maintain and support your neck curve. It is advisable to have more than one pillow suitable for your sleeping positions.

  1. Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is a great way to ensure the spine rests comfortably. People with neck issues put pillows under their arms and sleep on their backs, which has helped them. Ensure you use low pillows if you want to sleep on your side. The recommended limit is six inches, but this depends on the pillow’s density.

  1. Keep your PC At Eye Level

When sitting in front of your computer, your gaze should occupy your screen’s top third space. Please raise your monitor if you discover that you must look down to prevent neck pain. It will also help link your laptop to a separate screen because they often need you to tilt your head for proper viewing.

  1. Shun Neck Straining When Texting

You will put excess pressure on your neck by looking down at your phone for a long time. With time, this will stress the ligaments and joints, leading to changes in your neck. You can avoid neck damage by raising the device when texting or taking breaks.

  1. Use Headsets

Be keen not to tilt your head sideways if you use the phone frequently to prevent neck pain. You can also use an earpiece or headset as an alternative since you will not be tempted to hold the gadget badly.

  1. Workout and Stretch

You can keep your muscles strong by engaging in stretching exercises during your free time. An example of an easy activity to partake in is the chin tuck, which strengthens muscles that align the head and shoulders.  Neck pain is now treatable; all you should do is contact an expert.

  1. Hydrate Often

Drinking enough water during the day keeps the discs hydrated, making them strong. Remember, discs are made of water, meaning the proper hydration keeps them pliable. It is advisable to take at least seven glasses of water daily. You can also try other options to see which one works best for you. Examples include;

  • Keep a bottle of water beside you always.
  • Setting alarms at two-hour intervals to remind you to hydrate
  • Take three glasses of water after eating.

Neck pain is common, and it happens due to underlying conditions. It takes time to develop, meaning you can stop it using the above methods. Kindly reach out to us for all neck-related issues to get help from our professional team.

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