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Athens is the capital and business center of Greece, where one-third of the country’s population lives. The city is surrounded by mountains and descends to the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the peculiarities of the location, the air temperature in Athens is on average five degrees higher than in other regions.

Perks for investors

Wealthy Greeks choose to live in tranquil green areas in the northern suburbs of Athens. The southern suburbs, the so-called Athenian Riviera, are also considered favorable for life: the further south the area, the more prestigious it is considered. Unfavorable areas are also found, even in the center of the capital. But they are gradually changing and modernizing.

For investors, Athens real estate is attractive because the city is not subject to seasonality: tourists come to the capital all year round. People also come to Athens to study or work. Therefore, objects of both residential and commercial real estate are characterized by high profitability.

How much does property cost in Greece?

The purchase price depends on the type and location of the object. It fluctuates from 3000 euro price per square meter of luxury villas in Greece for rent. Housing in new buildings, as a rule, is more expensive than the objects of the secondary market. For example, in Athens, the price per square meter of apartments in a new house from a reliable developer is 3000 euros.

In the secondary market of the capital, you can find very cheap properties, but they are likely to be in poor condition or in an unfavorable area. The average cost of a square meter of housing for noteworthy proposals is about 1900 euros. In Athens, prices vary depending on the area, and the further south the object is located from the center of the capital in the Riviera, the more expensive it is.

5. Lilayi

In the vicinity of Lilayi there is a long list of high quality attractions. Many people go to Pioneer lodge and camp Zambia which is in place which many consider to be romantic and an excellent outdoor venue. There are also many other parks such as Kendal Park, Buffaloes Park, Leopards Hill Memorial Park and Lusaka national Park. People also go to Kalimba Reptile Park and South Luangwa national Park. Other notable attractions are Freedom statue and people should also visit the Elephant orphanage project. You can expect to pay US$1 million for a house in this area.

4. Leopards Hill

A notable landmark is Embassy Memorial Park where 3 of the presidents of Zambia have been buried. Large numbers of visitors go to Munda Wanga environmental Park which serves as a wildlife sanctuary, and animal park and also has beautiful botanical gardens. For additional outdoor experiences people can also go to Lusaka national Park, The Cross Park and South Luangwa national Park. In the immediate vicinity there is also Blush Gardens and Freedom statue which continues to be one of the most important landmarks in this area. You can expect to pay approximately US$1.1 million for a house in this area.

3. Olympia Park Extension

For those with architectural and religious interests they should take the time to visit Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga which is one of the most beautiful temples in Zambia. There are also several shopping centers as well as eating places in this area which is very popular among locals and visitors. Many locals and visitors also go to Chita Lodge which is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. The Kalimba Reptile Park continues to attract large numbers of people. A house in this area can cost about US$1.2 million.

2. Livingstone

One of the most popular activities in this area is the Sunset Boat cruise and the Sunset cruise Victoria falls. Not only is there an opportunity to view the beautiful sunset but there are also many animals which can be seen. Other popular attractions are Livingstone Rhino Walking Safaris and Devils Pool Victoria Falls where there is a natural rock swimming pool which is providing people with amazing views of the surrounding area. Large numbers of people also go to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park where there are amazing animals and also very beautiful natural scenery. A house can cost as much as US$4 million.

1. Woodlands

A popular attraction in this region is iExplore Zambia where people can see a variety of wildlife and they can also explore with four wheelers. They can do this in beautiful natural scenery. For those who want to learn about the traditions and culture of Zambia they should certainly visit Kabwata Cultural Village. This is the perfect place to purchase a wide range of handicraft products and other interesting articles. Another notable attraction is Leopards Hill Memorial Park and do not forget about the Monkey Pools where they are swimming pools and picnic spots. A house in this area can cost US$6 million.

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