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Obstructive sleep apnoea, or OSA, affects a large number of individuals. However, recent study findings show just 60% of those patients are utilising a ResMed CPAP machine every night. Moreover, adapting to CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure therapy might be challenging, but it is vital to remember that sleep apnoea is a hazardous illness that needs some treatment.

We may know about some of these benefits, and some may be new. Nearly 50% of CPAP users don’t even meet the minimum duration necessary to feel the help of the treatment, but rest assured there are plenty of advantages—and the doctor ordered CPAP therapy for a purpose.

What Exactly Are CPAP Machines?

CPAP machines are used to treat sleep apnoea. This gadget supplies constant pressured air into a mask you wear while sleeping through the tubing.

Additionally, OSA (obstructive sleep apnoea) frequently causes pauses or disturbances in your breathing because your airways collapse or your throat becomes temporarily blocked.

A ResMed CPAP machine delivers a continuous stream of compressed air into your mouth and nose as you sleep. This helps you breathe more easily by keeping your airways open.

What Are the CPAP Health Benefits?

Aside from addressing OSA, significant additional benefits of CPAP treatment include:

  • Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing loss and sleep apnoea have been linked in studies. According to one research, those who experience sleep apnoea have a 90% chance of hearing loss. This research indicated that using CPAP treatment consistently may minimise or perhaps eliminate snoring, which causes hearing damage and noise trauma.

  • Better Diabetic Control

Sleep apnoea is a frequent denominator in type 2 diabetes patients. Consistent CPAP treatment may help in diabetes management by lowering insulin resistance, resulting in more stable blood glucose levels.

  • Cardiovascular Health

CPAP treatment is often used to begin balancing a healthy heart and OSA. Sleep difficulties are often associated with other underlying concerns such as stroke, heart disease, and hypertension. There are many ways to keep our hearts healthy, and CPAP treatment has to be at the top of the list for OSA patients.

Is CPAP Effective in Improving Sleep?

Although you may not feel it right away, ResMed CPAP machines help you sleep better. If you do not have sleep apnoea during the night, you’ll be getting a full night’s sleep.

When using CPAP, here are some ideas that might help you achieve a restful night’s sleep:

  • Your Partner Could Get More Sleep. According to one research, if your OSA is not treated, your bed partner will suffer from the same symptoms as you do. Consistent CPAP treatment is one of the most effective strategies to offer you and your spouse a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Enhancing Your Beauty Routine. Patients who used continuous CPAP treatment had minor puffiness and redness in their faces, which contributed to a more alert and young appearance.

Does CPAP Increase Your Energy?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for having enough energy to face the day but did you even know that CPAP may help you obtain a good night’s sleep and boost intimacy with your partner?

  • Improve Intimacy

Intimate connections are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and some sleep apnoea sufferers may feel a lack of closeness and a loss of desire. The great news is that researchers have also shown that using CPAP treatment on a regular basis may considerably increase sexual function and enjoyment.

  • A New Energy Source

If the snoring keeps you up at night and causes you to drink many cups of coffee during the day, you will be relieved to hear that CPAP treatment may increase your energy.

Other Benefits of Using CPAP

Other benefits may include:

  • Save Money. Sleep apnoea raises the risk of a variety of disorders, including hypertension, heart disease, loss of memory, diabetes, stroke, depression, and others. In addition, controlling other current conditions may help minimise visits with medical providers, as well as the need for medicines, saving you money and time.
  • Travelling Made Simple. Remembering your CPAP machine while travelling for pleasure or business is essential. Fortunately, advances in travel-sized CPAP equipment have been significant. One of the lightest and most portable equipment is the Resmed CPAP machine. It fits conveniently into carry-on baggage or a tote, making CPAP treatment convenient to maintain while moving.

It is of the utmost importance that you use your ResMed CPAP machine according to the instructions and schedule that have been issued to you by your doctor. If your breathing and other health issues have improved, you may be able to reduce the amount of pressure that is being applied to your machine, or if you have the option, you may use it less often.

Furthermore, some people who have just started using ResMed CPAP machines say it has made them feel worse. Still, in most instances, this is because the patient is using the incorrect mask, is not yet used to the treatment, or has inappropriate pressure settings.


We have all heard the phrases “selling on Amazon” and “make your e-book sell.” Even if you have put up a product on Amazon, you still have to promote and sell it in order to increase the price of the product so that more people can buy it. Some people believe that the e-book marketing strategy is impossible and is based on the fact that Amazon’s algorithm is not set up to allow people to sell products for a profit.

If you really want to earn passive income from Amazon, you have to be willing to do what it takes to get there. We have seen many people succeed over the years and figured out the techniques that make them successful.

If you have a product that you want to sell on Amazon, we recommend that you follow these steps:

We’re going to give you some tips to help you to avoid common mistakes and we’re going to tell you the best way to get your product on Amazon for sale in a way that is as cheap as possible.

It won’t be free though.

There are lots of sellers who have signed up to sell on Amazon with a limited number of books. As you might imagine, jungle scout launch they have no intention of earning money from their books. They start with a high price just to get their product on Amazon and then, when people buy it, they drop the price to a ridiculously low price.

I’ve been to a few of these signings and you can actually tell which people are selling their books because they are willing to make a profit. The other sellers are just offering their books for sale at a ridiculously low price without changing any of the overheads. It’s not really an honest business model. They’re just making a quick buck and not really caring about their customers.

We’re going to tell you how you can avoid this trap by making sure that you have a good listing that will attract people and by setting your price so that people will want to buy your product.

How Much Is Your Book Worth?

You need to know the current price of your book in order to come up with the right price tag for your product.

You can get this from Amazon using their Profit and Loss Report. This is a report that Amazon gives to all sellers who have products listed on the site. The report can take a few minutes to analyse and is pretty straightforward. We have seen lots of sellers get wrong figures from this and it would only take a few minutes to get this right.

If you don’t want to use the Profit and Loss Report, we’ve seen lots of Amazon sellers make mistakes when they set the price for their books. Some people price their books too high, some people price their books too low, and others price them just right.

We’re going to tell you how you can figure out the right price to start with so that you don’t make mistakes with the figures.

Athens is the capital and business center of Greece, where one-third of the country’s population lives. The city is surrounded by mountains and descends to the Mediterranean Sea. Due to the peculiarities of the location, the air temperature in Athens is on average five degrees higher than in other regions.

Perks for investors

Wealthy Greeks choose to live in tranquil green areas in the northern suburbs of Athens. The southern suburbs, the so-called Athenian Riviera, are also considered favorable for life: the further south the area, the more prestigious it is considered. Unfavorable areas are also found, even in the center of the capital. But they are gradually changing and modernizing.

For investors, Athens real estate is attractive because the city is not subject to seasonality: tourists come to the capital all year round. People also come to Athens to study or work. Therefore, objects of both residential and commercial real estate are characterized by high profitability.

How much does property cost in Greece?

The purchase price depends on the type and location of the object. It fluctuates from 3000 euro price per square meter of luxury villas in Greece for rent. Housing in new buildings, as a rule, is more expensive than the objects of the secondary market. For example, in Athens, the price per square meter of apartments in a new house from a reliable developer is 3000 euros.

In the secondary market of the capital, you can find very cheap properties, but they are likely to be in poor condition or in an unfavorable area. The average cost of a square meter of housing for noteworthy proposals is about 1900 euros. In Athens, prices vary depending on the area, and the further south the object is located from the center of the capital in the Riviera, the more expensive it is.

Fans come in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them are created equal. When it comes to commercial and industrial settings, there are two main types of fans that you’ll see: high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans and residential fans. But what’s the difference between these two types of fans? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at HVLS fans and residential fans to help you better understand the key differences between them.

A Brief Overview of High-Volume Low-Speed Fan

A high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fan is a type of large industrial fan that is designed to move a large volume of air at a low speed. HVLS fans are typically used in warehouses, factories, and other large commercial and industrial spaces. These HVLS fans are usually ceiling-mounted and are known for their energy efficiency and ability to provide uniform air circulation throughout a large space.

The Benefits of Using an HVLS Fan:

  • They can help to improve air circulation in large spaces.
  • They can help to evenly distribute heat throughout a space.
  • They are more energy-efficient than other types of fans.
  • They can help to reduce the overall cost of heating and cooling a space.

A Brief Overview of Residential Fan

A residential fan is a type of small fan designed for use in a home or other smaller space. Residential fans are available in a wide range of styles, including ceiling fans, floor fans, and table fans. These fans typically have a lower airflow capacity than HVLS fans but can still be effective at circulating air in a small space.

The Benefits of Using a Residential Fan:

  • They can help to improve air circulation in small spaces.
  • They can help to evenly distribute heat throughout a space.
  • They are typically more affordable than other types of fans.
  • They can be used in a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, and more.

What’s the Key Difference Between an HVLS Fan and a Residential Fan?

The major difference between an HVLS fan and a residential fan is the size of the space that they are designed for. HVLS fans are much larger and are intended for use in large commercial and industrial spaces, while residential fans are smaller and are designed for use in smaller spaces, like homes and offices. Moreover, their features and functions make them each more suitable for different environments and applications.

The Bottom Line

There you have it! The key difference between an HVLS fan and a residential fan. So, the next time you find yourself trying to choose between the two, be sure to keep these key differences in mind. And if you’re still not sure which type of fan is right for you, be sure to consult with an expert to help you make the best decision for your needs.

The world of sports is vast and rich with potential. There are a number of industries to consider as you look to develop a career that is rewarding, stimulating and profitable. The opportunities in the sports industry are endless. Becoming a professional athlete is a noble goal for many people and it is not unheard of for a player to make the leap to the professional ranks after playing youth or collegiate athletics. Players who want to transition into the sports industry will need to consider a number of factors, including education, aspirations, work ethic and financial stability. To find out more about the opportunities in the sports industry, read on.

The Sports Industry

There are a number of ways to make a living in the sports industry. Many players start out as unpaid volunteers or interns and then move on to paid jobs in an effort to earn money to cover the costs of transportation, equipment, tournaments, etc. While many athletes work to be professional athletes, there are other options. They may aspire to work in other parts of the sports industry. For example, many successful managers and coaches are former athletes who have worked their way up to that position.

Sports Industry Professionals

The sports industry offers many opportunities for professionals. From trainers and managers to coaches and equipment sales, there are a number of ways to become an active part of the sports industry. In fact, the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB all have training programs that allow high school and college athletes to get ahead by completing courses to prepare them for careers in the sports industry.

Education is an important component to success in the sports industry. A college degree can lead to a lucrative career with one of the major professional sports leagues. An undergraduate degree is highly desirable. Those interested in professional basketball or football careers may be able to attend a high school or college as a walk-on or a student-athlete. This is a great way to start a professional career if you are looking to earn your degree in a hurry.

When it comes to professional sports, the salaries are certainly competitive. The pay for an NBA player averages $23 million per year. That number jumps to $43 million for a major leaguer. The NFL pays a middle ground between these numbers with an average salary for a player of $1.4 million.

Like any other profession, the professional situs bola is a good place to start if you are looking to carve out a career for yourself.

Fitness Industry

If you want to work in the fitness industry, you should plan on earning a college degree. People who have worked in the sports industry often become fitness trainers or coaches. In fact, many players and athletes who become successful in the sports industry started out as fitness instructors or trainers.

A college degree in physical education or exercise science can give you the credentials you need to work in the fitness industry. There are also certifications to pursue, including the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) and ACE (American Council on Exercise) certifications.

About a hundred and sixty million folks worldwide use Cannabis. With its significant healthful and therapeutic effects, it’s no surprise that many folks are researching the way to grow it. Most the people have completely different opinions on the most effective growing methodology, whether or not to grow inside or outside or if it it’s higher to use soil or farming; however, exploitation of the earth may be an excellent way to crop fat, flavourful buds and this leads folks to marvel what the most effective soil for Cannabis is. Choosing the best soil for Cannabis is extremely necessary because it is one of the deciding factors for your plant’s health.

Because of this complexness, the cannabis-specific soil trade may be a thriving one. Cannabis-specific soils are specifically tuned to push the healthy growth of marijuana plants. These pre-made potting mixes sometimes contain everything from the nutrients, vitamins, and microscopic organisms for these plants to optimally and naturally grow. The amount of cannabis-specific soil substrates will be impressive; we’ve narrowed them down to the most effective choices out there. Whether or not you’re trying to find universal, organic, pre-fertilized, or everything-in-one substrates, there’s one thing for everybody. The best soil for Cannabis, I will say, is the loamy soil may be a combination of sand, silt, and clay soils with other organic compounds. It’s one of the most effective soil varieties for growing Cannabis because it offers optimum water retention and evacuation, and it’s made of nutrients and chemical elements. Downside: This soil will be high-ticket because it may be a mixture of sand, silt, and clay. Its advantage is that it has beautiful water retention and evacuation, contains nutrients, and has high chemical element levels. 

Some growers select an amended and composted “hot” soil that slowly releases nutrients over time. You usually add water or natural supplements like worm tea from seed to reap with this soil. Different growers like lighter potting combine to have additional management and provide nutrients within the water once the plant roots have run down the nutrients within the soil. However, which brands are you able to trust?

Going all-natural, I will be able to advocate for a far better output. You would not wish to provide an underfed plant attributable to the employment of wrong soil that poses additional danger on the far side of the imagination, so select the best soil for Cannabis today.


When you enter a place, having a stunning, faultless grin helps you stand out in the right manner. It empowers you to face your life confidently and put your best foot forward daily.

The question you’re probably thinking about is how you’ll get the smile you’ve always wanted. A cosmetic dentist in Shelby Township can help you get your new smile. A skilled surgeon can perform various operations to improve your smile and overall look.

Why Should You Undergo Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Cosmetic dental operations are often perceived just to be a means to enhance your appearance; therefore, they are unimportant. However, this isn’t the case. Your local cosmetic dentistry services can improve your health and appearance and improve your quality of life.

Cosmetic dentistry can offer the following benefits:

Enhanced oral health

Our dentist will need to assess your existing oral health before beginning any cosmetic dentistry operations. Prior to undergoing a smile makeover, any dental issues you may have, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, and orthodontic problems, will be identified and corrected.

In the end, you will have a gorgeous smile and one that is healthier.

Builds Self-Confidence

Cosmetic dental procedures address dental problems that are affecting your smile negatively. Your smile will look fantastic at the end. As a result, you will gain self-confidence and self-esteem because not only will you feel good, but you will also look great.

Appearance Enhancement

The cosmetic dentist in your area provides a variety of cosmetic dentistry operations that are sure to improve and transform your appearance. These treatments will refresh your smile and make you appear years younger.

Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry

The cosmetic dentist may use a combination of techniques to revitalize your smile and attain your desired look.

Let us help you determine which cosmetic dentistry procedures you need to get the smile of your dreams. Below are some potential treatment options:

Dental Implants

An excellent alternative to dentures is the dental implant. Missing teeth can adversely affect your smile and dental health.


This surgery is used to fix dental problems such as discolored, fractured, damaged, or decaying teeth.

A dental fault is concealed with an enamel-colored substance applied to the damaged tooth surface, then sculpted and hardened. 


A porcelain or composite shell is bonded to the front surfaces of damaged teeth to treat dental problems. The procedure is used to fix crooked, chipped, or severely discolored teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Any smile makeover is incomplete without this. Teeth whitening is a must-have for any smile makeover. Exhibit a brightly white, perfect, and healthy smile when you leave your cosmetic visit.

The definition of the term “e-mandate” refers to the electronic version of mandates that companies utilize to efficiently handle many different kinds of recurring payments. The e-mandate method has the potential to reduce the difficulties of sending reminders as well as requesting penalty costs from the perspective of the customers, and it ultimately shows to be a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Although companies have been collecting regular payments like SIPs, premiums, deductibles, and other fees for quite some time, until recently, the authorization procedure required the end-user to physically fill out and sign a document before the payment could be processed. E mandate and e-NACH made the procedure easier to complete all the way through. Here’s everything you must know about e Mandate registration-

Your experience with Facebook billing can be altered as a result of a rule called RBI eMandate that was implemented by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

At the present moment, the RBI eMandate legislation is adhered to by only a select few banks as well as payment network processors, and only specific cards that have been issued by those institutions facilitate recurring transactions in conformity with the E-mandate. It will not be possible to process recurring payments made using credit or debit cards issued by financial institutions that do not comply with the RBI eMandate rule. Your billing process may continue to be disrupted for the next few weeks, despite our best efforts to maintain a seamless process. This is because additional banks and payment processors are trying to comply with the eMandate.

On October 1st, the terms of your automatically renewed subscriptions to periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, as well as the payment of your utility bills, will shift.

How does the mandate work?

When you are the owner of a company, you have the ability to rapidly and effortlessly set up e mandates via net banking transactions on your company’s website. For this purpose, you would need to obtain a one-time authorization for net financial transactions from your clients. After this authorization has been granted, all subsequent payments will take place immediately without the need for interaction from the consumers.


If the cost of your monthly membership to any service is greater than 5,000 Indian Rupees (Rs.), then you will be required to use an unexpected benefit of authentication (AFA). Your card provider or bank will now be required to give a warning at least 24 hours ahead of time when conducting automatic debits from your account.

eMandate -registration is necessary for all e mandates; however, it only needs to be done once. Two-factor verification will be required for any and all automatic debit payments that are more than 5,000 rupees per month. After receiving your authorization, a charge will indeed be made to the connected credit card or debit card. As per the new regulations, “the  banks, merchants, payment systems, along with other  card providers are all in the middle of digitizing their systems to support such automation”

Your card will need to be confirmed in order to comply with the RBI eMandate. In order to validate your account, we will send you a one-time request for authorization to set up regular fees on your credit card or debit card.

Costs associated with e-Mandate registering

It varies from bank to bank; however, the vast majority of financial institutions do not need customers to pay a fee in order to open an account. On the other hand, certain financial institutions may charge consumers a fee for the e-Mandate registration of an electronic mandate that ranges from one rupee to five rupees.

A business can greatly benefit from the services of an accountant. The professional can crunch numbers, know what they represent, and what issues they could indicate on financial statements. By bringing a Phoenix, Arizona CPA into your team, you can outsource financial expertise and oversight that can help you make better business decisions. This is possible without paying for the accountant’s holiday pay, health insurance, and other benefits. An accountant has financial knowledge you can tap into to help you grow your business. Also, they will use the right accounting processes to ensure the accuracy of information and compliance. Here’s how they can help your business:


When your organization is growing or attempting to achieve growth, a CPA can provide you with insight into managing cash flow and inventory as well as financing the business. Also, they can develop budgets and forecasts to guide your business and make sure it’s in line with its goals. They give business owners monthly people-focused financial metrics like average expense per worker and operating profit per worker. With this data, owners can manage their workforce, which is their greatest asset. 


A reliable CPA can help with regular business operations by preparing and analyzing monthly financial statements. With this analysis, business leaders and managers can make informed decisions using up-to-date data. Also, an accountant can oversee payroll and estimate tax payments. 


An experienced CPA will make sure you follow government regulations and stay compliant. They ensure important deadlines are met including W2 submissions and tax filing. Also, they help through an audit by offering your auditor correct business data that are easily accessible and organized.

External Relationships

Often, you partner with a lot of financial organizations. An accountant can manage your financial relationships and handle works such as tax filings, business financing, and banking. Working with an accountant who understands one’s financial position can help you present a loan’s purpose and consider different financing options. A CPA can collect the necessary information and data for a loan including the required credit, repayment sources, and financial condition quantification. Using this data, they can also make loan applications that are compelling enough to improve your company’s chances of being approved by banks. 

Business Succession Planning

A CPA can help a business owner shape their business’ future. They will make plans for succession when a business owner wants to pass their business down to a family member or an employee. 

Let’s start by defining search engine optimisation. SEO is the process of making a website more search engine friendly so that these engines can better understand it in an easy, simple way. SEO is known as the process of enhancing the visibility of a site or blog in the organic results of search engines. 

SEO is also the position of a person which works to improve search engine positioning and SEO is a job as well, for instance, you can see jobs as SEO to improve companies’ websites.  Companies and webmasters began to think how they could reach the first position, attract more people to their website and their services, and that is when SEO was born!

SEO is one of the “disciplines” that has developed and changed the most in recent years. The first search engines emerged in the early 90s. When Google appeared in 1996, many were search engines were created after, including Yahoo!. It was in the 2000 when the Web boom began, and they started to become more and more popular among internet users in those times. Until the first search engines appeared in the early 1990s, the only way to find information on the Internet was by typing the address of the page in the browser or searching in directories.

When internet and laptops became to be accessible to everybody, websites realized that they could earn money from their websites traffics. So that websites started to be interested in adding traffic to their websites and started to do SEO campaigns. 

The most important nowadays is the position where a website is located on the search engine, thus it can have a lot of visibility for the users. Although there are thousands of factors that a search engine relies on to position one page or another, it could be said that there are two basic factors: authority and relevance.

Authority is basically the popularity of a website. The more popular it is, the more valuable the information it contains. This factor is the main one that basically a search engine takes more into account since it is based on the user’s own experience. The more content is shared, the more users will find it and will get access to it.

Relevance is the relationship a page has to a given search. This is not simply that a page contains a lot of times the search term (in the beginning it was like that) but that a search engine relies on hundreds of on-site factors to determine this.

Improvement and enhancements of on-page factors

When applying SEO to a website, we are applying some type of marketing techniques translated to computers to the website. That is, Search engine optimization (SEO) often involves making small changes to different parts of a website. When you look at them one by one, these changes can seem like tiny improvements; however, when combined with other optimizations, they can have a significant impact on the user experience and performance of a site in organic search results. 

A key aspect to keep in mind is the design of your site. You need to keep into consideration your users because you need to see the site itself as an actual user, and the objective need to be to enhance the whole experience, the pieces of content, all the information, images, etc. You need to try to display as much as information as possible and in a clear way. 

Bear in mind that most of the users will land in your site after a quick search on a search engine like Google.  SEO is also about making it easier for the search engines to find your website. Search engine optimisation focuses on organic results, this means the results that are not paid to show up on the results of a search engine.

Google search engines and SEO techniques

Google is the most used search engine at the moment to find different websites online. Therefore, it is so important nowadays to use trustworthy SEO techniques in order to have a good position in Google. Even though, it is recommended that webmasters and companies also should work in improving their results in other search engines such as Bing!  and not only in Google in the long term.

What do you need to do to include your site in the results of Google? It is a simple process. It is actually very simple and free. Google is a completely automated engine that utilises web crawlers or bot spiders to scan the Internet all the time looking for new sites to be added to their index. As a matter of fact, pretty much most of the sites that appear in their results are actually not submitted manually, they are just automatically identified and included to the searched because Google has an algorithm that takes care of it.

But how can you know if you are in Google?

One of the very first aspects you need to take care of in order to know understand your site is present in the Google index is to simply search your website’s URL within the search bar with the search operator “site:”. If anything from your site appears, then this means that your site is indexed.

But it can also happen that for some reason your site is not in the Google’s index.  Although Google crawls billions of pages, it is inevitable that some websites will be left. When our crawlers ignore a site, it is usually for one of these reasons stated by Google in its guides:

  • The website is not well linked to other sites on the web.
  • The website has just been published and has not been crawled by Google yet.
  • The design of the website does not allow Google to track its content effectively.
  • Google has received an error trying to crawl the website.
  • The website policy prevents Google from tracking it.

Google uses the different process to track your website:

Index: Google indexes all the web pages it knows about. The index entry for a page describes the content and location (URL) of the page in question. Indexing – Getting, reading, and adding a page to the index: Google indexed multiple pages on my website today.

Crawl: process of searching for new or updated web pages. Google discovers URLs by following links, reading sitemaps, and in many other ways. Google crawls the web to find new pages and, once found, indexes them (if applicable).

Crawler – automated software that crawls (retrieves) web pages and indexes them.

Google robot: generic name of the Google crawler. The Googlebot constantly crawls the web.

Why is SEO so important?

The most important reason why SEO is necessary is because it makes your website more useful to both users and search engines. Although, search engines cannot see a web page like a human does, SEO is necessary to help search engines understand what each page is about and whether or not it is useful to users. Competition on Google is fierce, and the difference between your website appearing on the first page or being lost in the vastness of internet is abysmal.

Even more now that we have e-commerce boom in the last decade, and people is buying online more and more. Having a good position in the search engine can make your company be accessible to more potential clients, users, and to sell more products.