As the weather heats up, many of us are taking to the outdoors to exercise. Exercising outdoors is great to switch up the scenery, take in some fresh air and get your dose of Vitamin D. What is even better is that you can often bring your furry friend along with you. Read on to find out which doggy-friendly outdoor activities you can get involved in this summer.


Running is free and super accessible for many people. If your dog is up for it, they can run alongside you. Dogs are creatures of habit, and once this becomes more of a routine they probably won’t let you skip your morning run, which can help whenever you need a motivation boost. Make sure to reward your furry friend post run with a healthy natural dog treat. Make sure to reward yourself too (you’ve earned it).


Like running, hiking is also great for your cardiovascular health. The variance in inclines and terrain provides a challenge which will lift your heart rate, and allow you to use your strength as well. Many hiking trails are dog friendly, so you can bring your furry pal along with you. They will love exploring all the new sights and smells, and it will get their daily exercise in too.


If you have a water-loving pooch, why not take them kayaking with you? You will get a fantastic arm workout, and your dog can keep you company. You can even let your dog paddle alongside you if they want to swim. Just try to stick to sheltered inlets and slow moving rivers with little boat traffic. Make sure to practice in shallow waters first and teach your dog how to get in and out of the kayak before you head out.


Does your doggo have tons of energy? Cycling may be the perfect activity for you and your dog. You can cover longer distances while cycling, which is perfect for your high-energy pooch. Cycling is great for your cardio fitness, as well as building leg muscle.


If you have a doggo which loves fetch, playing frisbee is a great way to bond with them all whilst both getting your exercise in. Playing frisbee can also help with your cardio fitness and agility.

Stair Running

Climbing stairs is fantastic for your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Not only does it offer a cardio workout, but it works your leg muscles hard as well. If your dog is up to the challenge, bring them along for a high intensity workout sesh.

Dog Yoga – Also Known as ‘Doga’

Yoga is a low intensity exercise which is fantastic for improved strength and flexibility as well as having stress reduction benefits. Both yoga lovers and dog lovers rejoice… your dog can get in on the zen action too. Doga is a series of modified yoga poses which include your dog. These range from using your pup’s weight for balance, to stretches where your furry friend will get tons of pats. It is a great endorphin boosting and bonding activity.

Hit the Dog Beach

When the weather heats up, the beach is the perfect place to cool down and chill out. Walking or jogging on sand is certainly more difficult than on pavement, and will give you a great workout. Your dog can jog alongside you, or enjoy a dip in the ocean.


On a hot day, many dogs will happily jump in the pool with you while you do a few laps. Swimming is great for building endurance and lean muscle, and is low impact, making it softer on the joints. Dog breeds such as poodles, retrievers, spaniels and border collies typically love the water – but swimming is favoured by many breeds. For added safety, pop your pooch in a doggy life jacket. Make sure to reward them with a tasty treat after, such as beef jerky for dogs.

Doggy Agility Course

If you are looking for a more intense workout for you and your dog, and want to expand your doggie’s skills – look no further than a dog agility course. Your dog will be able to practice running through tunnels, weaving through poles and jumping over bars, all whilst improving on their fitness and coordination at the same time. You will also get quite the workout yourself simply from trying to keep up with them. Keep some training dog treats on hand to keep your dog motivated, and you will be good to go. Reach out to your local agility training club to find out more.

Just Get Moving

Hopefully this list of activities gets you inspired not only to workout, but to spend some quality time with your doggo as well. Being a good dog owner means keeping your dog healthy and making sure they get enough exercise. In saying this, the same rule applies to us humans too – so why not kill two birds with one stone and exercise together? It is a lot more fun, as you can bond with your furry pal and burn some calories at the same time. Win-win!

If you are one among those that are looking for food for your pet cat and that too dry one then there are several things one must keep in mind. You cannot just offer any kind of food to your pet be it wet food or dry food. Those that are looking for dry food options can consider many factors that include:

The Special Needs Of Cats

Cats are carnivorous creatures which means that they need to consume a diet that is rich in meat protein along with other proteins. They need to consume greater protein than other mammals, even dogs. When cats consume meat then they obtain many nutrients from it like Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, taurine, and all these nutrients cannot be obtained from plant-based foods. If all these essential nutrients are not given to the cats then these animals may suffer from heart and liver problems along with hearing loss and skin irritation. Try out effective cat food in Bangalore.

A Complete And Balanced Diet 

The diet that you must offer to your pet cats must be balanced. To keep them healthy and happy it is important that a diet that is rich in all the important nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids, etc is given to the cats. The nutrients must be balanced in their diet and this can vary depending on the lifestyle of your pet along with the life stage at which your cat is currently in.

Check Out The Ingredient List

 One of the best ways in which you can ensure that you are feeding good quality dry food to your pet is by checking out the ingredients on the back of the food pack. The items on the back are put in the order of the proportional weight. The first ingredient on the list must be fish or fresh meat, the second one and the third ingredients must be concentrated meat meals. This indicates that the food that is there in the bag contains animal-source ingredients that will supply all the essential amino acids as well as the fatty acids. You can look for high-grade pet food online.

Final Thoughts

It can thus be summed up in a nutshell that these are some things that you must look for in high-quality dry food that you shall offer to your pet cats. Do take note of them and see your cats looking healthy and happy.


The French Pug, also known as Frenchie, won over legions of fans for its crumpled face. This breed is very loyal to the owners and, therefore, is a great company for those who live alone or live with small children at home. The French bulldog is affectionate, loves to play and needs few physical exercises and care. It may be a little stubborn at first and demand a firm pulse at the time of training, but, with the right dose of patience to understand the routine of the house, learn how to behave: the breed is very intelligent and loves to please!

  • Origin: England
  • Weight: 9-13 kg
  • Height: 30-35 cm
  • Life expectancy: 12-14 years


The Frenchie Dog emerged in England in the 19th century as a descendant of the English bulldog, a breed very common in the country at that time. With the Industrial Revolution, Nottingham artisans, specialists in sewing lace, were replaced by machines and ended up moving to France. These professionals had smaller bulldogs at home the descendants of English bulldogs and pugs! Who followed along with the change of country? The French bulldog soon became very popular with artists and French high society.

At the time when French bulldogs became popular in France, they were divided into two main types. The first of them had ears similar to those of the English bulldog and the other had the famous “bat ears”, now recognized as one of the most striking characteristics of the breed. The second group is the Frenchie we know today.

Features: Breed Colors

The main color of the French bulldog’s coat is fawn (a shade close to caramel, which varies from reddish to darker, close to coffee with milk). Despite this, there are several other color variations for the breed. Some of them are the fawn with spots (also called brindle); white with spots or brindle; black with spots or brindle; or totally black.

Not all French Bulldog colors are recognized by the Club du Bouledogue Français, which is the institution responsible for determining the breed’s standard internationally. According to him, the breed’s original colors are fawn (may have white spots) and brindle (both light and dark).


bulldog Temperament

The original function of the French bulldog is that of a companion dog. They were created to be good companions, and that influences their temper even today. That is why the breed requires a lot of attention, interactions and contact with its tutor. They are very dependent and, if they do not receive the necessary dedication, they can develop disorders such as separation anxiety.

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