Our Chakras are known as the sources of energy in our body. Seven chakras in the human body work effectively to form an interconnection between the spiritual being as well as the physical existence of humans in this world. Each one of these chakras has a significant role to play in our whole spiritual and material existence. Therefore, when these chakras get blocked the energy from that route completely stops reaching our entire system. It is similar to a roadblock. When the road gets blocked somewhere the entire to and fro movement of many lives just stops. Similarly, when the Chakras stop functioning or get blocked we call it a “blocked chakras” situation. Any blockage in the functioning of Chakras just disrupts our daily life functioning and dealing with others as well as ourselves. Let us identify the symptoms of each chakra when it gets blocked so you can start Chakra Meditation:

  1. Root Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptom:

  • Feeling obstructed, stuck and lethargic always
  • Unnecessary stress and anxiety prevails
  • Financial instability
  • Hating and complaining about one’s own body
  • Undermining one’s abilities to do anything

  1. Sacral Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptoms:

  • Difficulty in opening emotions and finding sexual intimacy
  • Feeling hurt, abused, confused
  • Unable to trust anyone
  • Not creating a healthy self-image
  • Unsettled, unhealthy relationships

  1. Solar Plexus Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptoms:

  • Weak, powerless, behaving like a victim always
  • Letting the autonomy pass to others to give up to certain relationships
  • Unable to fulfill dreams due to inaction
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety and issues related to stomach

  1. Heart Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptoms:

  • Lack of commitment
  • Suppression of feelings, overprotective from getting hurt emotionally
  • Holding grudges from the past
  • Lack of compassion
  • Prone to asthma, allergies, and heart disorders

  1. Throat Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptoms:

  • Unable to express feelings due to fear and lack of confidence
  • Willing to please everyone
  • Feeling frustrated because of lack of attention and people not hearing what you said
  • Prone to throat blocks and choking

  1. Third Eye Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptom:

  • Always questioning the meaning of life
  • Lack of feeling intuitive
  • Lack of decision making power
  • No spiritual purpose in life
  • Prone to headaches and pain in the brow area

  1. Crown Chakra:

Blocked Chakra Symptoms:

  • Feeling lonely and aimless
  • No connection with the spiritual self, very materialistic
  • Feeling undeserving of spiritual energies and being angered about it
  • Prone to migraine and severe headaches

Having learned about these symptoms we can easily identify which Chakra is blocked in our body system. We must learn about the methods that are used to unblock these chakras to allow peace, tranquillity, and settlement of emotions to flow into our bodies.

The first method is Chakra Meditation. This is one of the best ways to open the blockage in Chakras. It creates powerful awareness and heightened focus to give a solution to the Blocked chakras passage. Guided meditation helps to get rid of the blockage in chakras gradually and effectively. It attains the clarity in thought process making it easier for you to think with openness and freedom.

The next method is stated to be the use of mantras along with proper mudras. Mudras are known as the hand postures that are used along with specific chanting of mantras. It is also one form of meditation only that brings harmony in the alignment of chakras throughout our bodies.

The third method is known as adorning Chakra Jewellery. These are the semiprecious stones that are true by nature and consist of minerals and purity. These stones can be worn in daily life practices while performing all other chores. The purity and effectiveness of these stones in various formats of jewelry help in bringing the energy of the chakras in a uni-direction. This helps in unclogging their way and creating a flow of energy and thoughts without any obstruction.

If you have realized that one or more of your chakras have been blocked for a long time, you can even seek the help of some experts. They can guide you to relieve the heaviness of your emotional baggage and thus getting rid of imbalance in body, spirit, and mind.

The guide can just be like a facilitator or a teacher who can help in showing you the way through the unfamiliar path of healing the chakras.

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