Solder fumes are detrimental to human health. They are produced from the process of melting the flux past its boiling point. As the flux melts down, it goes from solid to liquid to gas.

What is flux?

It is a chemical cleaning agent which is utilized in combination with solder for eliminating oxidation from the base and filter metals entailed in soldering. This process increases the total flow and efficiency in the mixing of the metals.

What are the adverse effects of solder fumes?

Solder fumes contain 99.5 percent of particles and 0.5 percent of gases. It is one of the primary causes of many respiratory problems, such as occupational asthma in workplaces. Here are some other adverse effects of solder fumes:

  1. Irritation

Due to direct exposure to rosin-based solder flux, signs can range from nose or eye irritation to serious airborne contact skin diseases.

  1. Allergic hypersensitivity

Allergic hypersensitivity is one more common health problem that develops from the first couple of months of contact, and it can persist to grow over time, leading to wheezing and laboured breathing.

  1. Other health hazards

Solder fumes can lead to other health hazards like chemical hypersensitivity, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, and chronic bronchitis.

Things to consider while buying a solder fume extraction system

You can find numerous smoke absorbers or solder fume extractors in the market. However, choosing the suitable solder fume extractor can be difficult if you are a novice and do not know product functionalities and design. Below we have mentioned a few things you must consider when shopping for a solder fume extraction system.

  1. Filter

Select a solder fume extractor that has top-quality HEPA filter media. Be sure to check the filter’s efficiency rating as every HEPA filter is different.

  1. Functionality

Weight, size, and operator use need to be considered. What are the dimensions of your workplace? Are multiple operators soldering in a single area? By answering these questions, you can decide on the best soldering fume extractor.

  1. Maintenance

Think about the cost of filter replacement expenses linked with a solder fume extractor. For maintaining appropriate filter performance and a healthy work environment, defective filter media will have to be changed at a greater rate as compared to higher quality particulate filter media.

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