Do you feel tired constantly without engaging in tiresome activities? The tiredness may happen due to neurological conditions that result in overwhelming fatigue, making it difficult to engage in everyday activities. You will not alleviate neurological tiredness with rest like physical fatigue; your occupational therapists will determine how to cope with the condition. You should look for a San Jose weakness management expert who can help you understand fatigue and overcome it. These fatigue-overcoming tips may alleviate neurological tiredness.

Watch Your Mood

Your mood may impact your energy; it is better to watch your mood as it is associated with mental issues like depression. Depression causes fatigue due to the anxiety and stress associated with the mental disorder. Tiredness may make you feel low and easily irritable; thus, it is better to manage your mood.

You can start by setting realistic plans and pace activities to prevent the boom-bust cycle, which leads to a depressive mood. When you fail to achieve a planned activity, it may be better to reschedule it. You may try to avoid brooding over the things you have not achieved and beware of your emotions and feelings.

Pace Yourself

You can balance your activities throughout the week, and spreading all the tasks reduces fatigue. Pacing includes regular rest breaks, planning activities ahead of time, prioritizing your energy, and knowing your triggers.

Develop a Regular Sleep Routine

Although resting may not impact neurological stress, developing a consistent sleep routine is better. A regular sleep pattern helps the body unwind when necessary and stay alert in the morning. You may wish to go to bed simultaneously every day and get up simultaneously each morning. Thus, you should use your bed only for sleeping and get regular exposure to the outdoors and bright light. You can use relaxation techniques and avoid stress and worry before bedtime.


Exercises make it easy to undertake physical activities, and you can engage in exercises for 30 minutes each day. You can engage in reasonable exercises such as long walks and engage in intense activities in the gym once a week. It is better to choose something you enjoy as it is easy to stick with it. You may get off the bus before your destination, park your car far from the office and take the stairs to increase the number of exercises.

Monitor Your Nutrition and Hydration

It is better to eat healthily as some food causes sluggishness and energy. Choose the ones which help you maintain energy for a longer time; eat the right things at the right time, depending on your activities. Choose slow-releasing carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Neurological fatigue may impact your energy levels and the ability to accomplish everyday activities. You should watch your emotions as they impact how you feel and impact your mental health. Moreover, it is better to eat healthily; choose food that maintains your energy level. Finally, exercise and maintain a better sleep routine that alleviates your energy levels—good luck dealing with neurological tiredness.

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