Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins that can cause swelling in the legs and ankles. Varicose veins are often found in the legs, but they can also develop in other body parts. The condition causes aching pain at times. They are pretty common, especially in older people. However, many younger individuals get these unsightly and uncomfortable veins too. These enlargements of the veins that occur most often in the legs can lead to phlebitis and other severe conditions if not treated properly. Read on if you want to know more about them and treat them naturally. If your varicose veins do not respond to any of these treatments, it may be time for you to see an Orlando varicose veins specialist for professional help.


Exercise can be a great way to help prevent the development of varicose veins. Exercise enhances circulation and helps keep your blood flowing smoothly throughout your body. This is true for both upper and lower extremities, which means that exercise benefits not only your legs but also your feet. It may seem counter-intuitive to think that some form of exercise would be a good treatment for varicose veins. After all, that’s the opposite of what you need to do if you sit too much and get cramps in your legs. However, this exercise is designed to help your muscles and therefore indirectly your blood vessels – remain strong and healthy.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are available at many pharmacies. They can be worn during the day or night, depending on what your doctor recommends. This compression hose applies pressure to the veins in your legs and encourages them to remain more compact and robust. As a result, you will get less pain from varicose veins. It’s also good for your feet because it stops fluid retention, eventually leading to swelling.

Plant Extracts

Several plant extracts can be quite effective for treating varicose veins. Different cultures have used these remedies for centuries to help people deal with this problem. Some of the most common include horse chestnut, which many cultures have used for centuries. Horse chestnut is known to strengthen blood vessel walls. Butcher’s broom is another plant extract that helps with circulation, skin tone, and varicose veins. Witch hazel also works well for this problem because it reduces swelling in the legs, leading to varicose veins.

Diet Modifications

Losing just a few pounds can dramatically affect varicose veins if you are overweight. The excess weight puts pressure on the legs, making the veins worse. When you lose even five or ten pounds, it can relieve that pressure and help your blood vessels be more open and robust. You should avoid high-sodium foods, including processed meats, canned vegetables, and most takeout dishes. Instead, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. This will help the healing process.

In summary, you can treat your varicose veins quite quickly if you make the right lifestyle changes. By eating well and exercising, you maintain strong blood vessels and not exacerbate this problem. Another critical factor is to avoid standing for long periods because this also puts pressure on your veins.

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