A fire protection system is integral to preventing accidents from fire in commercial or residential properties. Since the fire protection system is connected to the primary water source, ensuring a smooth flow of water is essential.

A backflow prevention device ensures the water is not flowing backward. Besides proper installation, regular testing is necessary for efficiency. This is why backflow testing portland or in commercial and residential buildings in Portland, Oregon, is a popular service. Trained professionals conduct the test, which is done from time to time to ensure the system’s smooth functioning.

What is Backflow?

Backflow is a common issue seen in fire sprinklers in commercial structures. Simply put, it is the flow of water in the opposite or reverse direction.

The primary reason for backflow is back-siphonage or backpressure. This causes a pressure difference in water flow when the water system flows in the opposite direction of its original destination. This leads to mixing potable water with non-potable water, and contaminated water finds its way into the primary water supply source.

To prevent this, a backflow prevention device is installed, and backflow testing is done in a timely manner to ensure its functioning.

Reasons Fire Protection System Needs Backflow Preventers

A backflow preventer is a device that ensures water only flows from the primary source into the sprinkler system, keeping it inside the sprinkler system. The device ensures the water flows in one direction and remains safe and clean.

The device contains air inlets, check valves, and relief valves. Pressurized materials like chemicals, gases, suspended solids, and firefighting foam are prevented from flowing into the primary water source.

A backflow preventer is particularly essential for buildings with a fire sprinkler system. The water in the sprinkler system stays stagnant for a long time as it only flows during a backflow test or a fire breaking out. This stagnant water flowing back into the main water tank can cause serious health issues for those consuming it.

Benefits of Backflow Testing

Regular backflow testing can help maintain the safety standards of fire protection systems. This is crucial to commercial buildings as well as residential properties. Scheduled backflow testing ensures the device is functioning correctly.

Besides the safety benefits, there are added advantages to the test, which are stated below:

  • It is an economical and simple process to keep the water line at the property safe
  • It can protect the building from excessive water damage during accidents like water leakage or pipeline issues
  • It reduces repair costs significantly during pipeline damage or related issues
  • Many municipalities require commercial properties to have installed backflow prevention devices, which are tested annually

Depending on the municipality, your property can attract penalties and litigation if you fail to inspect the backflow system. Your entire water supply can be shut off if it malfunctions or fails the inspection.

Schedule a Backflow Test Now

Many professional and trained experts offer backflow testing in Portland, Oregon. Getting expert help is recommended for the annual inspection or if you think something is wrong with the sprinkler system. You will get competitive rates in the market for installing or maintaining the system.

Experts who offer backflow testing also provide services like fire hydrant testing and repairs, commercial and residential fire sprinkler service, and fire system service and installation. Reach out to us and schedule any of these services today!

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