Oral health is part of your well-being; hence it needs to be in the right condition for improved general health. Good oral hygiene is what determines the health of your gums and teeth. The most common oral conditions include cavities and gum disease. Tooth decay is also a problem with children. Dental treatments, including a soft tissue graft in Frisco, are critical to restoring oral health and smiles. In this article, we learn more about soft tissue grafts.

What is a soft tissue graft?

It is a procedure to treat receding gums, also known as a gum graft. Subsiding gums leaves your teeth roots bare. When not treated, the problem puts your teeth at risk of tooth decay, tooth loss, and elevated sensitivity.

A soft tissue graft lowers the effects of gum disease. It involves taking a piece of healthy tissue from your mouth part and stitching it on the damaged gums.

Different types of soft tissue grafts

There are various types of soft tissue grafts available at Lone Star Dental Care, including:

Free gingival graft

It is a type of soft tissue graft used to treat less severe cases of gum disease. A free gingival graft involves your dental provider taking a small tissue from your mouth roof and stitching it where you need the gum tissue.

Connective tissue graft

It is the same as a free gingival graft, only that your dentist cuts a thin piece of tissue to remove the connective tissue layer underneath. He then joins the tissue with the part of your gums with damaged gums.

Pedicle graft

This type of soft tissue graft is efficient for people with healthy gums. Pedicle graft involves your provider cutting a fold of your healthy gum tissue neighboring the receding gums. Then, they stretch the healthy tissue over the damaged areas and suture them up.

Pedicle grafts are among the most effective soft tissue grafts because they do not stop blood flow to other mouth areas.

How to choose the right soft tissue graft?

Your provider at Lone Star Dental Care performs a thorough oral exam and takes oral X-rays to evaluate your dental health history. He then asks about your symptoms and treatment goals to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

What to expect during recovery from a soft tissue graft?

You can expect to experience swelling, discomfort, and increased tooth sensitivity. It is essential to take soft foods only during the first week after the treatment, including mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.

It is important to follow your medical prescription as directed by your physician. It would help if you also used the antimicrobial mouthwash to stop infections. It would be best to stop brushing and flossing until directed by your dental provider.

Without proper dental care, your teeth and gums are at risk of developing dental issues, including tooth loss or gum disease. Lone Star Dental Care team offers several advanced treatments, including soft tissue grafts to restore receded gums. It is significant to work closely with your provider to determine the right choice of your grafts and smooth recovery. Contact Lone Star Dental Care today to schedule your consultation.

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