Karwa Chauth is a festival held 9 days before Diwali and all women are married except for the longevity of their husbands. According to the Hindu calendar, Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth day of the month of Kartik (the fourth day of the waning moon or two dark weeks. Karwa Chauth is considered one of the most important fasts observed by married Hindu women. This holiday is mainly followed In the northern part of the country, and on this auspicious day, all married women pray for the well-being and long life of their husbands.

Historically, Karva Chauth has been celebrated as a prayer for the return of soldiers who left their wives and children to fight in wars. Today has become the day when the endless love relationship between men and women is celebrated. Unlike the past, Karva Chauth is more modern, exciting, and fun today. On this day all husbands buy a romantic gift for Karva Chauth for their wives.

It is important to start a few weeks or days before Karva Chauth as this is a much-needed purchase that must be completed at least a few days before Karva Chauth.


Traditionally, women dress like newlyweds. So you have to put on Karva Chauth’s new clothes, makeup, and jewelry. Shop for Indian ethnic wear such as sarees, lehenga and 16 jewelry (Solah Shringar), new jewelry, and makeup. To do the puja, you need to buy a pooja thali, Karva lamp, Chalni (sieve), and a clay lamp. You can buy fresh fruit, flowers, and delicacies on Karva Chauth Day.

Know The Lucky Moment Of Karwa Chauth Puja

It is very important to perform the puja ritual. Performing the rituals and customs of Karwa Chauth at Shubh Muhurat brings happiness and prosperity to one’s life.

Karwa Chauth Sargi Thali

No Karwa Chauth vidhi is complete without Sargi. Sargi is basically a dish with a wide variety of foods and delicacies. These beautifully presented thali, including delicacies, Seviyan, or noodles, are a gift from their daughter-in-law’s mother-in-law. In addition, this dish is eaten by women just before sunrise.

It is a traditional gift for Karwa Chauth that every mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law, which consists not only of sweets and dried fruits, but also saris, cosmetics, bracelets, and other puja items. Daughter-in-law also gives Saas Sargi gifts and strengthens the bond with her. For more gift ideas for daughter in law, you can search on the internet. Various online gift portals offer amazing gifts for Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Pooja Vidhi

Shortly before the start of the puja Vidhi, the women are asked to make a pledge i.e. Karwa Chauth Sankalp and chant a mantra.

  • Then grind the rice and make a plate from another wall of the house temple. This ritual is called Karwa Dharna.
  • Place the pictures of Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva on the wooden stand where Sri Ganesha is sitting on his mother’s lap.
  • Along with listening to the story of Karwa Chauth, filling Karwa with water and decorating goddess Parvati with makeup. Once done, worship Lord Ganesha, Shiva, and Luna and offer Arghya.
  • End your fast by drinking water from your husband’s hand, taking blessings and elders of the house.

After the puja is over, the Karwa should be given to a brahmin or other married woman. Before giving, add water or milk and precious coins.

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