We have all heard the phrases “selling on Amazon” and “make your e-book sell.” Even if you have put up a product on Amazon, you still have to promote and sell it in order to increase the price of the product so that more people can buy it. Some people believe that the e-book marketing strategy is impossible and is based on the fact that Amazon’s algorithm is not set up to allow people to sell products for a profit.

If you really want to earn passive income from Amazon, you have to be willing to do what it takes to get there. We have seen many people succeed over the years and figured out the techniques that make them successful.

If you have a product that you want to sell on Amazon, we recommend that you follow these steps:

We’re going to give you some tips to help you to avoid common mistakes and we’re going to tell you the best way to get your product on Amazon for sale in a way that is as cheap as possible.

It won’t be free though.

There are lots of sellers who have signed up to sell on Amazon with a limited number of books. As you might imagine, jungle scout launch they have no intention of earning money from their books. They start with a high price just to get their product on Amazon and then, when people buy it, they drop the price to a ridiculously low price.

I’ve been to a few of these signings and you can actually tell which people are selling their books because they are willing to make a profit. The other sellers are just offering their books for sale at a ridiculously low price without changing any of the overheads. It’s not really an honest business model. They’re just making a quick buck and not really caring about their customers.

We’re going to tell you how you can avoid this trap by making sure that you have a good listing that will attract people and by setting your price so that people will want to buy your product.

How Much Is Your Book Worth?

You need to know the current price of your book in order to come up with the right price tag for your product.

You can get this from Amazon using their Profit and Loss Report. This is a report that Amazon gives to all sellers who have products listed on the site. The report can take a few minutes to analyse and is pretty straightforward. We have seen lots of sellers get wrong figures from this and it would only take a few minutes to get this right.

If you don’t want to use the Profit and Loss Report, we’ve seen lots of Amazon sellers make mistakes when they set the price for their books. Some people price their books too high, some people price their books too low, and others price them just right.

We’re going to tell you how you can figure out the right price to start with so that you don’t make mistakes with the figures.

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