Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure. It is performed by dentists to remove stains from your teeth. The primary aim of this procedure is to give white teeth. There are several procedures performed to whiten your teeth. However, the effects of these procedures differ. In this article, the Fairfield, ME family dentistry suggested how often you should white your teeth. Additionally, we will talk about common ways to whiten your teeth. Let’s dive in! 

When To Whiten Your Teeth? 

It is recommended to avoid teeth whitening over and over again as it can make your teeth transparent. Additionally, it makes them highly sensitive. Experts advise only having your teeth whitened once a year. On the other hand, teeth whitening is possible at home. For long-lasting results, get it done from an expert. Additionally, there will be no side effects. On average, the effect of the procedure lasts up to 1 year. 

Types Of Teeth Whitening Procedures

  • Teeth whitening toothpaste 
  • Chemical bleaching 
  • Whitening foam 
  • Professional teeth whitening 
  • Whitening strips 
  • Laser whitening 
  • Conventional teeth whitening 
  • Teeth whitening trays 
  • Ultraviolet light therapy 

Teeth Whitening At The Dentist’s Clinic 

1. Initial consultation 

Attend your dentist’s initial consultation before beginning the teeth-whitening procedure. You can talk to them about the teeth-whitening choices during the consultation. At the start, the doctor will closely examine your teeth and discuss the teeth whitening goals. Based on your dental history, the whitening treatment is finalized. 

2. Professional whitening treatment 

Dentists offer different professional teeth whitening treatments where bleaching agents are applied to your teeth. Some procedures involve using UV lights to brighten your teeth. These treatments are generally completed within a day. 

3. Frequency of treatment 

Your tooth stains will determine how often you need to have teeth whitening done. It could take two or three sessions to completely whiten teeth if they are severely discolored. If your teeth are somewhat discolored, though, you might see a difference after the first sitting. 

4. Maintenance and touch-ups 

Your dentist will provide you with teeth whitening products to use at home for routine touch-ups after the operation. Make sure to stay away from anything that could discolor your teeth after the surgery.

Final Words 

Teeth whitening is a commonly performed dental procedure where doctors use different methods to lighten teeth stains. If you have teeth stains, it is highly recommended. 

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