It is no secret that smoking tobacco is harmful to your dental health. However, there is a newer threat to your teeth and gums that has become popular among the youth today, and that is vaping. Vapes are electric cigarettes and are often thought to be less harmful. That is only a myth. Both tobacco cigarettes and vapes are extremely bad for your oral and overall health. 

Believe it or not, the smoke from your vape can cause your teeth to decay completely. A vape invites bacteria into your mouth, which, when not cleaned properly, cause gum diseases and tooth damage. If your teeth are already damaged due to vaping, meet with a cosmetic dentist in Fresno, CA, today.

Concerns associated with vaping 

Despite the modern and more aesthetically pleasing appearance of a vape, they are not better or less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Vapes also contain nicotine and cause the same amount of harm, even if they get vaporized. Exposure to nicotine in the form of vaping can lead to health hazards like periodontal disease, tooth discoloration, and gum recession, as well as give rise to issues like teeth grinding and jaw clenching. 

Here are some additional concerns associated with vaping that particularly affect your dental health: 

  • Growth of harmful bacteria due to toxic chemicals of the vape.
  • Plaque formation and decay due to the teeth getting covered in the chemicals.
  • Increased cravings, dry mouth, cavities, and faster deterioration of the teeth due to the chemicals.
  • The loss of bone density due to being exposed to carcinogens.
  • Increased risk of oral cancer.

Can a professional tell whether you vape if they look into your mouth?

Usually, dentists can tell by looking at the condition of your teeth and gums whether you have been vaping or smoking. This is especially true when you have been smoking or vaping for years, as the impact is clearly visible. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not hide from your dentist about your bad habits, as they are going to find out anyway. Being truthful to your dentist allows them to check your teeth properly. 

If you have been considering quitting but are unable to do so, there are multiple aids and assistance available. Reach out to your dentist today. 

Can you repair damage caused by vaping?

Fortunately, there are ways to repair the damage caused by vaping. For example, gum disease caused by smoking/vaping can be fixed with comprehensive periodontal care. The chemicals accumulated in your teeth can be removed with professional cleanings, scaling, etc. 

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