A business can greatly benefit from the services of an accountant. The professional can crunch numbers, know what they represent, and what issues they could indicate on financial statements. By bringing a Phoenix, Arizona CPA into your team, you can outsource financial expertise and oversight that can help you make better business decisions. This is possible without paying for the accountant’s holiday pay, health insurance, and other benefits. An accountant has financial knowledge you can tap into to help you grow your business. Also, they will use the right accounting processes to ensure the accuracy of information and compliance. Here’s how they can help your business:


When your organization is growing or attempting to achieve growth, a CPA can provide you with insight into managing cash flow and inventory as well as financing the business. Also, they can develop budgets and forecasts to guide your business and make sure it’s in line with its goals. They give business owners monthly people-focused financial metrics like average expense per worker and operating profit per worker. With this data, owners can manage their workforce, which is their greatest asset. 


A reliable CPA can help with regular business operations by preparing and analyzing monthly financial statements. With this analysis, business leaders and managers can make informed decisions using up-to-date data. Also, an accountant can oversee payroll and estimate tax payments. 


An experienced CPA will make sure you follow government regulations and stay compliant. They ensure important deadlines are met including W2 submissions and tax filing. Also, they help through an audit by offering your auditor correct business data that are easily accessible and organized.

External Relationships

Often, you partner with a lot of financial organizations. An accountant can manage your financial relationships and handle works such as tax filings, business financing, and banking. Working with an accountant who understands one’s financial position can help you present a loan’s purpose and consider different financing options. A CPA can collect the necessary information and data for a loan including the required credit, repayment sources, and financial condition quantification. Using this data, they can also make loan applications that are compelling enough to improve your company’s chances of being approved by banks. 

Business Succession Planning

A CPA can help a business owner shape their business’ future. They will make plans for succession when a business owner wants to pass their business down to a family member or an employee. 

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