Just imagine during the peak summer month, you have come back to your home exhausted, and when you turn on your air conditioner to cool off, you find that your AC is not working.

Many people often overlook the importance of preventive maintenance of their air conditioners are sure to face such a situation at least once in their lifetime. You may regularly go for aircon servicing Singapore by using a service provider like Airconservicing, so that you never face such a situation.

However, if such an emergency ever occurs in your life, then what are the few things that you can do?

1.   Examine your air filter

If you do not clean your air filter regularly then it may get clogged with dust and as a result, you may not get enough cool air from your vents. If you check its outside unit then you will find it running, however, you may hear the sound of a blower, but very little air will pass through.

2.   Check the breakers

If your AC is not turning on at all then it may be a certain electrical fault of the line. Check whether the MCB of your air conditioner unit must have got tripped due to certain reason.

3.   Look for any signs of refrigerant leaks

If you are getting air that is hot rather than cool then there can be a possibility that your refrigerant must have got leaked from its pipes. Look for few signs, like ice formation on outside pipes or a little amount of cool air that coming from the vents.

4.   Clear away entire debris and obstructions accumulated in your outdoor unit

Large things, like fallen tree branches, are kept out of the condenser coils by a grating on the exterior unit of your central air conditioner, but a few smaller objects, such as leaves and pebbles, may still get in.

Clear away any apparent debris that has made its way into the unit if you can do so to improve airflow.

5.   Check for clogged drain lines

Remove lines are built into air conditioning systems to drain water from your evaporator coil. Water might collect as a result of condensation caused by the air conditioning system. These drain lines can occasionally become clogged or blocked, resulting in a water backup surrounding your system.

6.   Any ventilation problems?

The air ducts are frequently the source of common ventilation issues. Items clogging your ductwork will prevent any hot or cool air from properly spreading throughout the structure.

Loose or fallen insulation, as well as dirt, can cause duct obstructions. Ducts can also leak if they are broken. It’s also conceivable that your vents get clogged.

7.   Call professionals

There are many HVAC companies, who offer emergency services and they are available during any hour of the day. If the situation so demands then you may call for such services to resolve the problem.

An air conditioning issue might make homeowners worry, but if you maintain calm and call a professional such as LK Brothers as soon as possible, you won’t be inconvenienced for long.

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