Alopecia can be a frustrating condition regardless of your age. Nobody enjoys having a receding hairline, as it affects general physical appearance, making you look less attractive than you are. If you are reluctant about trying hair restoration treatments, consult your reliable hair loss specialist in Lakewood Ranch.

What are the different misconceptions about hair loss?

Hair loss, commonly referred to as alopecia, is a condition in which your hair naturally falls out. Alopecia can affect any body part, and the effects can be permanent or temporary. Hair loss can be frustrating because it causes a potential threat to your hairline. As if that is not enough, you may start assigning blames to habits that would rarely cause hair loss.

Some people believe that wearing hats often, using too much shampoo, or genetics are causes of alopecia, which is false. Wearing your hat does not affect your hair growth or trigger hair loss. Stress may cause hair loss to some extent, but it rarely does unless associated with a long-term illness such as cancer. Some individuals assume that balding is only for older adults, which again is false.

A family history of alopecia can contribute to balding or mild hair loss in your twenties. You can consult the team at Honest Hair Restoration to determine the real cause of your hair loss instead of making baseless assumptions.

Hair loss can affect anyone regardless of their age. Factors contributing to hair loss include nutritional deficiencies, specific medications, radiation therapy, hormone imbalance, old age, and excessive hair treatments. Dr. Maag and his professional team may develop a treatment plan depending on the underlying cause of your hair loss.

How can you reverse the effects of alopecia?

Most people are unaware that hair loss is not permanent, and with a few non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments, you can reverse alopecia. Available hair restoration treatments include:

  •                   Low-level laser treatment
  •                   Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections
  •                   NeoGraft assisted ProGrowth Combination FUE, hair transplantation
  •                   Custom-blended, prescription-strength medications

Dr. Maag supports you every step of the treatment to achieve your hair goals. He often recommends hair restoration treatments that require little to no downtime to avoid disrupting your daily schedule.

Why should you consider hair restoration treatments?

Most people are not comfortable with a receding hairline or balding spots. Many may try covering the balding areas with hats and scarves, which may interfere with the sense of fashion. Some may opt for medications that rarely work and exacerbate the condition.

Benefits associated with Honest Hair Restoration treatments include an enhanced hairline, longer and thicker hair, restored hair growth, and elimination of bald patches. Regrowing your hair can reduce stress and improve your mood and self-confidence, which is essential for building social relationships. Dr. Maag and his caring team are ready to encourage and support you throughout the journey.

Do not allow balding or thinning hair to affect the quality of your life; call the Honest Hair Restoration office or schedule an appointment online to begin regrowing your hair.


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