In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know — from how to choose the right bike, to how to check for the right size, to how to choose the right brand and fit. Read on to learn more about buying your first track bike, and feel confident that you’re making the right decision.

What Is A Track Bike?

A track bike is a specialized racing bicycle designed for use on the velodrome. The frame of the bike is built differently than one meant for a road or mountain bike, and the bike has thinner wheels and a higher gear ratio. You can also use your track bike in some off-road competitions, but it’s not intended for these types of terrain.

How Do You Choose The Right Track Bike?

When buying your first track bmc bikes  , there are many factors that you’ll need to consider. Track bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a few things in common: they’re lightweight, they have no brakes or derailleurs, and they usually aren’t meant for street use.

The most important consideration when it comes to buying a new track bike is the size. It’s very important to find the correct size because this will allow you to ride without discomfort. To figure out which size is best for you, follow these steps:

  • You need to stand with your heels together and toes apart
  • Measure your inseam from the bottom of one foot up to your crotch
  • Compare your height with the measurement that you came up with; if you meet the criteria you should be able to find the ideal size for yourself

Many people think that sizing can’t be changed on track bikes, but this isn’t true! Track bikes are available in junior/ladies’ frame sizes as well as standard frame sizes. You’ll have several options available when it comes time to buy.

How To Check A Bike For The Right Size

If you’re trying to buy your first track bike, the most important thing is for you to make sure it’s the right size. The size of a bike is typically determined by measuring from the floor to the top bar and from the center of one pedal to another.

It’s also helpful to consider that if you plan on using clip-in pedals, then your bike will need to be slightly taller due to their different spacing measurements.

Choosing The Right Brand

Knowing the different brands available is an important step in the process. The best way to do this is to take a trip to bmc bikes and talk with a professional. They can walk you through the various brands and help you decide which one might be best for you.

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