In summer, air conditioners are a necessity in residential and commercial spaces to keep the environment cool and comfortable. You cannot buy an AC randomly. The unit must have sufficient capacity to cool the space – not too large or not too small. So, consider the room size in which the system will be installed to ensure it fulfills the space requirements. In the same way, the proper installation also matters. Air conditioners are not DIY projects but need professional technicians for installations. 

An irregular aircon system installation can make the home feel uncomfortable. So, make sure to hire reliable aircon services for your residence in Singapore. Due diligence is essential before making a final decision. 

Tips to choose right aircon installation and repair services in Singapore

Online research

There is no need to visit local HVAC companies to find a suitable company. Google and perform research from your sofa because aircon businesses use the internet for marketing their services. For example, check out the Singapore services directory, where you will find reliable aircon servicing companies. The directory allows users to get a quote or check their estimation guide for any given project to avoid getting scammed.

The online service directory even allows users to contact directly with the professionals. The services listed on this platform have undergone thorough background checks, so users get the best-reviewed options to choose from. 


Ask for referrals from friends and family because they have currently installed or repaired their AC system and have contact with an experienced aircon technician. Word-of-mouth means a trusted source to contact a reliable aircon company. 

License and certification 

In Singapore, the aircon and refrigeration contractors need a license by law. Check the technician’s license. In Singapore, BCA is responsible for giving aircon licenses. License means the service offered is with a good understanding of how to install and repair aircon safely. The license has to be renewed after every three years, so check the date for validity. 

The experts at the aircon company need to how their competencies with certification courses from Environmental Protection Agency. It includes EPA 608, EPA PM Technician, EPA R-410 A, UNICO CPT Installer, and more. The certification indicates that the technicians have comprehensive knowledge and agility in dealing with aircon installation and repairs. 


Regularly new aircon service business is added to the platform. It is difficult to identify their service quality as they have no service record. It doesn’t mean they are not skilled but you need a technician with the experience and right knowledge. You desire to avoid warranty damage during installation. If an inexperienced technician handles the installation process then the possibility of system damage increases and this can make the warranty void. You will be unable to get the benefits that otherwise would be possible if a warranty was intact. 

Experienced technicians have struggled with challenges associated with installations and repairs, so they are aware of the AC system’s internal whereabouts. They ensure that the components stay undamaged, during installation. 

Professionals guarantee impressive results. Their experience in installation and repair has made them confident to perform the tasks without hassle or fuss. It doesn’t mean they don’t make errors but they can resolve it [at their own cost]. However, hiring an experienced technician means there will be none or fewer errors in comparison to choosing a less experienced technician. 

Quality Service Guarantee 

A reliable aircon technician is confident about their installation and repair tasks, so they never cut corners in offering guarantees. They support their unit’s installation and workmanship. Customers can trust them because if anything occurs they repair it without extra charges. So, hire an Aircon Company that offers quality service guarantees.


Choosing the cheapest quote is human nature. Remember, you receive what you pay. The cheap quote is to lure customers and cut corners in services like using low-quality parts. Quality services come with a price. Ensure to go for an AC servicing company that guarantees quality services at affordable rates. Guarantee means the technician never compromises in service quality. They care about their reputation and credibility. Reliability is a quality that is essential for aircon technicians to maintain. 

Hiring a reliable aircon installation and repair company means you tap the services of certified and licensed technicians, who know to install the system for efficient performance and durability. 


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