The one that shows us the light of the world, the one whose strong, yet delicate arms gave us piggy back rides. He is the one who held our tiny fingers, with his broad ones and helped us to walk on our own two feets, the one that may not be so expressive, but he is the one who loves us, so much more than he would ever say. The first heroes in every daughter’s life, and the role model for every son, our fathers contribute a lot in shaping our lives, and to make it better. Had it not been for them, we would have missed out on a lot in life.

From teaching us alphabets, to giving us life lessons, a father is always a friend, philosopher and a guide. A girl always looks for similar traits in her life partner, as she has seen in her father. A son always tries to become like his father. Honestly, every father is special to their children. In every step of our lives, we should follow what they have taught us because they would always want the best for us.

They do so much for us. Whatever we could become is only because of their contribution in our lives. So, why miss a chance to make them feel special. Father’s day is an amazing day where you can really show them that you care. Of course, it has no point if you treat them nicely just for one day, and go back to being ignorant the next day. You should always make them feel special. But we understand that people are busy, and we hardly get any time out for our loved ones. So, that is a great reason why we should celebrate father’s day. It is a day where we celebrate fatherhood and honour the relation between children and their fathers. We show them that we are grateful towards them, for whatever they did for us. The purity of paternal love is celebrated on this auspicious day. We reminisce about all the sweet memories that we had with our fathers, while growing up. It doesn’t matter, how much we grow up, we will always come running to our fathers when the situation is gloomy and dismal. He is the one who will understand us the best way, because they are our fathers. Nobody can understand us better than our parents.

Father’s day honours each and every father that works so hard everyday, for seeing a smile on children’s face. We can show a gesture of gratitude by giving them father’s day gifts or planning special gifts for fathers from our end. Of course, it is not about the cost of the gift. A handmade gift also seem to be lovely, when you put emotions with it. It should just not be for show off, or for posting on your social media. It should come out of your heart. Let’s celebrate this father’s day and shower all the love to our fathers that they deserve.

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