Your business website is pretty useless unless it interacts with your target audience. 

The internet offers many interaction opportunities. However, SEO, aka search engine optimization, is among the most reliable ways to win profitable online visibility. 

Customers often look for businesses via search engines. And they stick to the first two or three search engine results pages while doing so. SEO can take your website where your prospects are looking. And in this way, it can get your business some excellent interaction opportunities. 

However, the search engine space has cut-throat competition. And ranking high is not easy. 

You have many requirements to fulfill and standards to meet before your website qualifies for ranking high among the search results. 

One of these requirements is winning the search engines’ trust.This can be done by proving your website’s authority. 

You can prove your website’s authority through its backlink profile if it has a good number of backlinks coming in from other reliable, high-authority websites. 

Gaining links from such websites, though, is not as simple as it sounds. Building a solid, high-quality backlink profile takes time and genuine effort. This is why many inexpensive agencies offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services turn to automated link building to get through the process sooner and with half the effort. 

Unlike many other tasks that are better accomplished when automated, link building yields the required results only when done manually. 

That’s because automated backlinking relies on link-building bots. And the backlinks they get are all from low-authority websites. You cannot win the search engine’s trust through these low-quality backlinks. Moreover, such links can also erode any existing reputation or SEO progress you may have made. 

So, acquiring bot-created links might be easier than handcrafted links. But the latter is more valuable in helping you get a higher rank and win profitable online visibility. 

Bot-created links can have grave consequences.Not just for your website but for your entire online journey. Landau Consulting, a NJ SEO consulting company, has discussed some of these consequences in this infographic. Check it out to learn why manual link building is always the way to go when it comes to SEO.




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