Body of a vehicle can need repairing for numerous reasons such as fender bender, collision, damage from weather, negligence, and more. However, before visiting any collision repairing auto-shop there are a few questions which should be asked by car owners. Getting answers for below mentioned questions will help in understanding whether a said collision repair shop is suitable for your needs.

So, before visiting Post Falls collision shop for repairing services, go through questions and their answers given below.

  • Is any vehicle given for loan when major repairing takes places?

One of the first questions that graces the mind of a car owner when opting for collision repairing services is till his/her car is fixed, how will he/she commute on a daily basis. Hence, the first thing one should discuss or consult with the collision repair shop professionals is there any chance of getting a loaner or rental till one’s vehicle is fixed.

This question should be asked by people who require using a vehicle regularly. If a loaner or rental is available then, one should take note of the mileage, take pictures of the car in detail, and ensure reading the agreement before signing it. This way an individual won’t be charged more while waiting to get his/her car fixed.

  • What warranty is provided for repairs?

Another thing a person should find out is whether any type of warranty is provided for repairs done from a collision shop in Post Falls. If this is something not offered to the customers then it is highly suggested to check out other places that does the same work with warranty. However, since most places nowadays offer warranty for work done, one should go through the details of that warranty.

A person should look for how long that warranty will last as well as check out what exactly it covers. It aids in being safe knowing that the professionals offer ample warranty for work done on one’s vehicle so that one doesn’t have to spend ample amount if something goes wrong during warranty.

  • How long the entire task will take to complete?

Lastly, one should ask the professionals about the duration of the job. It is something which is essential to know as different vehicle model and different type of damage take different time for repairing. If a car needs just a paint job then it should take a few hours. However, if a car needs adequate repairing from collision and then paint job and more, then it is probably going to take a few days’ time to get the car ready. Hence, always ask the question about how long it will take to fix a vehicle.

Asking these three questions will help you get an answer that will aid in determining whether you are hiring the perfect professionals for the task at hand. Hence, next time whenever you need collision repair, ask these questions and if you are satisfied with the answers given, hire them or move to some other collision repair shop that will offer services that fulfills all your requirements.


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