Firstly, we should know who is a paralegal? A paralegal is a person who assists an attorney. A paralegal is a qualified person who helps his lawyer in their research of the cases. He gathers various information about his lawyer’s  clients, analyzes them and then present them to his employer. He takes care of the corporate meetings for his attorney. In short, he does all the detailing and research part of the case and on the basis of his summary his employer presents the case before court of law.

As the name itself is self explanatory a Divorce paralegal is an assistant to a divorce attorney. As a Divorce paralegal is a well qualified person, through his work experience as a paralegal he can handle the basics of a divorce case.

A person contemplating a divorce is already going through a rough patch in his life. Divorce lawyers are very expensive to hire. They can put a financial dent in the life of clients involved. So it is advisable to hire a paralegal for divorce instead of a divorce lawyer.

A Divorce paralegal cannot be hired in all the divorce cases. Following are the pre-requisites of hiring divorce paralegal.

  • An amicable divorce
  • Kids are not involved
  • No big financial obligation to be shared by both the parties
  • There are no property sharing issues

If all the above requirements are fulfilled than the parties can seek help of legal document assistant or hire a paralegal.

Once we having decided to hire divorce paralegal services one should always look out for a good divorce paralegal. A good divorce paralegal is a person assisting a great divorce lawyer or attorney. He should have a great work experience, he should be presentable. But the most important qualification is listening skills. Divorces are as it is very painful. A good ear helps client lesson his pain and focus more on his work.

Now let us contemplate what does a Divorce paralegal do.

A  paralegal   generally works  for his employer, lawyers or attorneys or advocates. But he does some freelance work too. That is he works  independently. In case of divorce paralegal he  fills  in the required forms. A divorce paralegal reminds  his clients of important court        dates. He takes care of routine judicial matters. His experience as a divorce paralegal teaches him to notice and take care of the minutest details of the divorce.

A divorce paralegal simplifies the painful proceedings of divorce. He takes care of filling proper duties, taxes or court fees as involved in divorce case. A divorce paralegal is of great help  if there is mutual understanding regarding divorce. He frees you from the mundane activities of the court as he is efficient enough looking at his portfolio.

A divorce paralegal charges way less than a divorce lawyer. He is less expensive but on a cautious note he is not a lawyer. So he has a limited vision, work area  and expertise in handing a divorce.

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