Genesis G70 models have been for its luxury prowess along with its affordability. For the 2021 model, there has been made a few changes that one should know about before buying this vehicle in Moreno Valley Genesis dealer showroom. Though the changes that appeared are minor but it is better to know about these in detail before booking one. Along with the changes, the rest of the specification is given below too for people.

Eliminations and changes of G70

One of the major update is the Genesis has eliminated 2.oT Sport version from its lineup but several features have been made standard. For example, Elite package of 3.3T trim has been made standard.

This package consists of features such as adaptive headlights, heated steering wheel, windshield wipers with rain-sensing tech, parking with rear and front sensors, wireless pad for smartphone charging, front ventilated seats, and more. All versions with V6 twin turbo will have access to this package as a standard unit.

Rest of the specifications

Apart from the changes mentioned, other specifications of this vehicle remained the same. With variants in engine and more, have a look at these in detail!

  • Engine options

The G70 base model features a four-cylinder 2 liter turbocharged engine which generates 252 HP but the manual one provides 255 HP through automatic 8-speed transmission. Also, it offers AWD drivetrain on several models; however, manual version is what most people opt for. Acceleration might feel normal but feels great driving around town. The excellent acceleration and light clutch is what makes being in this car quite fun.

However, what most people opt for is the 3.3L V6 twin-turbo that allows people to enjoy 365 horsepower along with torque of 376 lb-ft. With real thrust behind the 3.3T model, it takes 4.7 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. Irrespective of the configuration; G70 offers a balanced ride for all along with excellent handling characteristics. In addition, the suspension will smooth all uneven surfaces and helps in remaining composed on road.

  • Interior structure

Luxury experience is what a G70 delivers. It has attractive materials that are used for building the excellent and high quality interior. Moreover, it has a straightforward control and layout that is driver centric makes it a driving enthusiasts’ heaven.

Also, the decorative and bright stitched surface gives it a classy look. It has ample space inside that offers ultimate comfort during a ride and ensures people to feel what riding inside a luxury car should feel like.

  • Models

The two models available are 2.oT and 3.3T which are priced at $37,025 and $47,225. While both the models are excellent for buying, most people opt for the 3.3T version as it offers much more than the money’s worth. To see these models contact a Genesis dealer near Moreno Valley.

So, if luxury car is in the list for you to purchase, then you need to simply visit the dealership and get the 2021 Genesis G70 today. It is one of the best luxury vehicles that you can buy at such an affordable price.

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