The academic essay is the cornerstone of the study of the humanities. It is a format that you will have to master throughout the race. Sure, there’s always the old reliable option of throwing up a bunch of words the night before delivery. But if you want to ensure a good grade, and more importantly, a good job, you should hire the best essay writing services online at affordable prices. It is worth mentioning that each teacher will have their ideas about what the essay entails that they expect from you. There are teachers who seek few textual references to the primary source, others demand many, and some expected more knowledge of secondary literature, others less. 

Define the research question

When establishing the topic of your essay, it is important to define the research question. You have to think about how you are going to use the number of words assigned to address the topic. In an academic essay you can critically evaluate a concept, compare and contrast different approaches to a problem, analyze a critical approach to a topic, etc. Defining the question your essay seeks to answer will allow you to proceed more clearly and efficiently. If you have no expertise in writing high-quality academic essays, simply opt to online essay writer service.


You will be familiar with the process of filling in a number of words shortly before the due date for the purpose of completing an assignment in high school. This method will not serve you during the race. Writing an academic essay involves much more than sitting down in front of an empty document and starting to write. A crucial step to ensure a good essay is to come up with a plan. In general, when writing an essay you should –

  • Determine the research question
  • Search bibliography
  • Read and take notes
  • Start writing a draft
  • Review and edit the final version.


When writing an academic essay, reading is equal to or more important than writing. To search and locate relevant bibliography you can use Google Scholar and the electronic resources of the university library. Of course you are not going to read all the articles that seem remotely relevant. Examine the abstract and conclusion to see if it can serve you well. Also check the bibliography: it can give you clues from other relevant sources for your line of research.


The success of your essay will depend on the way you present your arguments. Therefore, it is essential that you follow a logical structure. As you know, all text consists of an introduction, body and conclusion. The easiest way to make sure you include all three parts of the essay is to think –

Introduction: say what you are going to say,

Body: elaborate the description,

Conclusion: give a little detail from the entire content and add your remarks.

It is also important to ensure that the different parts of your essay must flow and are coherent with each other. It is therefore essential to allow enough time before delivery for a final review. It’s particularly helpful to save this task until the day after finishing your writing assignment.

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