Colon cancer affects the colon. The condition begins at the colon and spreads to other parts of the digestive system. Screening is very important in reducing the severity of colon cancer. Many deaths are prevented through early screening of the condition. Get screening and treatment for colon cancer in San Antonio at Digestive and Liver Disease Center of San Antonio PLLC. Here is what you need to know before visiting the facility.

Risk Factors for Colon Cancer

  1. Age

Colon cancer is very common in older people. However, it can affect a person of any age group. Men and women over the age of fifty are the most vulnerable people affected by colon cancer. Many health associations advise people over fifty years old to visit screening centers to identify early treatment conditions.

  1. Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Colon cancer commonly affects people with inflammatory intestinal diseases. Some of these inflammatory conditions include ulcerative colitis. Go for regular screening if you have any chronic inflammatory conditions.

  1. Obesity

Overweight people have a higher risk of getting colon cancer. Obesity is linked to other chronic conditions, and obesity affects the immune system. Maintain a healthy weight to avoid the risk of getting colon cancer.

  1. Alcohol

Heavy alcohol consumption increases the risk of the condition. Men and women who consume a lot of alcohol may get inflammation in the colon, resulting in colon cancer. Statistics show that many colon cancer patients are heavy alcohol consumers.

  1. Diabetes

Many diabetes patients are linked to getting colon cancer. Diabetes patients should get screened to identify the conditions and get early treatment.

  1. Consumption of low fiber and food rich in fat

Processed foods or foods high in fat that contain little or no fiber can cause colon cancer. A good example is red meat. Some families in western countries neglect food rich in fiber and have low fat, which places them at risk of getting colon cancer. 

  1. Tobacco smoking

Excessive smoking has been proven to increase the chance of men and women getting colon cancer by fifty percent. Moreover, smokers remain at risk of getting colon cancer even after quitting smoking. Smoking has carcinogenic effects, which cause genetic damage to the colorectal mucosa. These genetic changes lead to cancer.

Colon Cancer Treatment

  1. Surgery

Surgery is applicable during the early stage of the condition. The colon cancer specialists perform invasive procedures. The procedures may include removing polyps before they spread to other parts of the digestive tract.

  1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is necessary at the advanced cancer levels. The chemotherapy is used to kill cancer cells.

  1. Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy uses radiation sources such as the x-ray to destroy cancer cells. It is used in the advanced stages of colon cancer.

Colon cancer is a chronic condition that causes death among many people. However, early screening has proven to be very useful in treating the condition and curing the patients. Do not be afraid of getting screened. Visit the Digestive and Liver Disease Center of San Antonio PLLC to get treatment and screening today. The facility has professional colon cancer specialists and the best screening equipment.

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