Hot-melt adhesives are a one component solvent-free type of thermoplastic polymers or thermoset pre-polymers heated to the melting point before application. 

The field of applications of any hot melt machinery are as follows:

  • Activewear (outdoor)
  • Automotive interiors
  • Functional and protective clothing
  • Fusible interlinings
  • Technical composites
  • Home textiles
  • Mattress ticking
  • Upholstery
  • Hygiene and medical products

Any type of textile or non-textile webs can also be laminated together, e.g.

  • Knitted fabrics
  • Woven fabrics
  • Nonwovens
  • Membranes
  • Films
  • Foams

Hot-melt adhesive

A hot-melt adhesive is a type of polymer that does not require the use of a solvent, water, or 100% solid fusibility. At room temperature, it is solid and becomes viscous and flowable liquid glue when heated or melted to a certain level. It has a light brown translucent body that melts to white.

  • At room temperature, it is in solid form. When heated then it melts and becomes liquid. Also, once cooled to below its melting point, again it quickly becomes solid.
  • Low pollution, fast curing, strong adhesion, and also the rubber layer has got certain flexibility. 
  • Can again be heated and melted and then again changed into a certain glue body and then can be bonded to the adhered that has got a certain re-adhesiveness.
  • With temperature, the physical state of this hot melt glue changes over a certain range of temperatures but its chemical properties will remain unchanged.
  • It is tasteless and non-toxic and also is a very environmentally friendly chemical product.
  • Can easily be packaged, transported, stored, and are non-polluting, solvent-free, and non-toxic type;
  • Has got very high bonding strength, and fast speed.

Specific applications of hot-melt adhesive coating machine:

  1. Hot melt-glue machines are widely found to be used in the household appliance industry for foaming hot-melt adhesives in caulking and refrigerator sealing as well as electronic and electrical assembly.
  2. It can be utilised in the automobile industry to make car headlights and backlights, as well as windshields, doors, and interior seals.
  3. The hot-melt glue machine is utilised in the filter sector for air filters that do not have a separator. The bonding is strong and stable, and the sealing is excellent, allowing the material to get bonded to satisfy its physical and chemical qualities.
  4. Hot peptizers are commonly used in the capping business for the bonding of caps, e.g., cosmetic caps, white wine bottle caps, and necklace pendants.
  5. Glue machines can be found in diapers, sanitary napkins of women, adult incontinence products, medical protective garments, as well as domestic and international equipment in the nonwoven fabric business.
  6. The hot melt glue sprayer is used in the packaging business to seal the upper and lower components of the box, as well as to package packaging straws, packaging colour paper, and laser paper.
  7. Hot glue coating machines are used in the packaging label industry for trademark paper, self-adhesive tape, medical breathable tape, and label double-sided tape.
  8. The hot-glue machine is a vital tool in the shoemaking business for towel gluing shoe materials.


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