Your oral state speaks volumes about your general wellness. A frustrating toothache and bad breath are not the only issues you might have when you poorly care for your gums and teeth. According to Midtown gingivitis experts at Charles M. Marks, DDS & Dental Associates, diagnosing and early treatment of the dental concern might help curb it before the condition advances to a chronic state, with life-threatening symptoms. Oral health complications may result from various health concerns, including diabetes.   

What are the dangers of gingivitis?

Also referred to as gum disease, gingivitis affects tissue supporting your teeth. In dental patients susceptible to the condition, their systems react to bacteria-filled gums, causing severe inflammation. In an instance that you fail to seek medical assistance, the inflammation might affect your bloodstream, gradually damaging your heart’s blood vessels and brain over time.

How can oral hygiene enhance your overall wellness?

Caring for your teeth is more than flaunting a dazzling, beautiful smile. A healthy mouth plays a significant role in determining your general health. Thus, good oral health and hygiene enhance your optimum wellness, lowering your risk of developing chronic diseases. Unfortunately, poor oral health is not only for your teeth. Your several other body parts might also suffer the consequences of poor oral health. Different ways that a healthy mouth may contribute to your well-being include:

Boost your self-confidence

Gingivitis and tooth decay are unsightly. Besides affecting your oral beauty, the bad breath likely to result from dental issues will affect your esteem, self-image, and confidence. However, an infection-free mouth will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without oral infections or debilitating toothache from distracting you.   

Lowering your risk of having cardiovascular diseases

Severe inflammation likely to result from gingivitis increases your risk of having cardiovascular complications like heart disease, stroke, and blocked blood vessels. Thus, good oral health helps protect your overall wellness, shielding you from life-threatening health conditions.

Helps stabilize your sugar levels, especially if you have diabetes

A significant percentage of patients with chronic ailments have gum problems. Unfortunately, the ailment minimizes your ability to fight off infections, including gum infections. As a result, you become susceptible to severe gingivitis.

Minimizes your risk of inflammation and infection

Besides your mouth, poor oral health causes infections in other parts of your system. Gingivitis and rheumatoid arthritis have a similar association. Therefore, there might be similar destruction in your gums’ connective tissue and your joints, thanks to the inflammation and infections. However, eating a balanced meal, upholding good oral hygiene, and going for regular dental appointments minimize your risk of having dental cavities and gingivitis. Thus, brushing, flossing, and using an antiseptic mouthwash daily might boost your oral and general health.        

Teaching your kids the importance of maintaining healthy oral habits early in life has a way of paying off in their adulthood. Additionally, contacting your dental hygienist regularly for check-ups and cleaning will help prevent and address gingivitis and other health conditions likely to arise. Do not wait until gum disease advances to a life-threatening situation when you can schedule an appointment with your dentist earlier for help.     


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