Some guys tend to be bumbling idiots when they are near beautiful women; they either go mute or can’t stop talking nonsense. Strippers Melbourne have encountered all kinds of men and if you have problems talking to women, try talking to a stripper. 

Most people don’t know what to say to a woman when she’s busy dancing in their lap. Should you even try to talk to her? Small talk is allowed, if both of you say nothing to each other for 5 minutes or however long a song takes, the whole experience would be boring. There is a line on what you can talk about. 

Everybody likes a funny guy. Jokes can help break the ice, lighten the mood and make the whole thing less awkward for both of you. However just because you are in a strip club Melbourne doesn’t mean you should throw away your morality filter. Don’t tell disgusting jokes, dark jokes or any toilet jokes that only your rugby mates get. You don’t want to ruin the mood for the lady or scare her away. 

Treat her like a real person and ask her how her night has been. This shows that you aren’t just fixated on her naked body rubbing against you and that to some degree you may actually care whether she’s having a good time or if she’ d rather be sitting down with her feet up and a drink in her hand because she’s been working for 10 hours.  

Have a normal conversation. Be natural. If she looks comfortable and sounds comfortable the experience will be good for you too. Ask her where she’s from, if she has cats or dogs, what she likes doing. You can latch in her responses to get the conversation to go further. You want the experience to last a while, make her comfortable enough to want to stay a while. 

You can pretty much talk about anything. Strippers are the best listeners. They also give great advice. Tell her about your wife or girlfriend but don’t go on and on about how great and wonderful she is, no woman wants to hear about how some other woman is wonderful when they are flirting with you and trying to elicit some sexual excitement. There are limits. 

There are a couple of other things you should not talk to a stripper about. 

Don’t be a creep by talking to her about sex, or try to regale her with your weird fantasies or ask her where she lives, if “Peaches” is her real name or whether her boobs are real or not. If one girl finds you pervy she will surely spread the word around and the rest of the dancers will avoid you. The thing with strippers is that they will only tell you NO, once and if you don’t get it that No Means No, she will get up, walk away and tell security that you are being a nuisance. You don’t want to have to deal with strip club security, those guys aren’t paid to be nice.

Do not bring up politics or religion. That might make them feel judged or that you are questioning their morality. If you are at a strip club getting lap dances, your own morality should be questioned, best leave topics that could lead to uncomfortable conversations. 

The fact that she is naked in front of you does not mean she is open about anything in her life. You wouldn’t talk to total strangers about your family. So, why would you think a stripper would be more open to talking about her kids or tell you if she has a boyfriend or husband or what.   

You have fun when you are in a strip club Melbourne It is important for the strippers because they want you to come back and to bring your wallet with you. Money opens a lot of doors and it buys you as much attention as you want from strippers. Tip well and tip often.

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