The main factors that you should consider when choosing the right type of floor for the kitchen are its strength and practicality. Kitchen floors need to be practical for day-to-day maintenance. The kitchen is an environment in the home that is in constant contact with grease, smoke, water, and food debris, so the lining of the room must be durable and easy to clean. You should thought out the entire project of when choosing the best floor for the kitchen. It is necessary to think about the predominant colours, the kitchen’s desired style, and the details present in the room.

White is not the only option

White is not the only option you have. Today, there are marble floors, kitchen coatings with epoxy in different colours and patterns that look good in kitchens. The tone of the epoxy floor must seek a composition with the rest of the decoration so that other details stand out. White marble kitchen floor easily adapts to the dirty environment that handles the daily use of food and oily products. For this reason, the kitchen floor needs to be resistant to contact with water and grease. Epoxy coatings on marble floors do the job for you.

Light floor VS dark floor

An environment with darker floors becomes more elegant, sober and sometimes even modern. At the same time, an environment with floors in light tones gives us an idea of ​​cleanliness, organization, balance. The choice of the epoxy coating depends on defined details and the size of the space, as dark epoxy floors can create the impression of a smaller environment, while light epoxy coatings floors can enlarge the room.

Beware of slippery floors.

It is essential to choose a kitchen floor that is not too slippery. We should avoid choosing floors with a polished finish. A good option is non-slip floors. However, it is always important to be careful. There are several flooring models on the market, but not all of them are ideal for the kitchen. In this sense, kitchen epoxy flooring is the ideal choice. These floors are durable and easy-to-clean options using water, mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Set the decoration style

Previously thought out decor in mind makes it possible to think about which type of epoxy flooring fits best with the other details. When it comes to the basement or garage, there is nothing much left for an eye-catching interior. However, you can make the basement floor resistant and robust by applying epoxy flooring. Basement epoxy floor can represent elegance. The epoxy floor is effortless to clean as well as being hygienic and durable. You can do the same for the garage where the floor is in constant contact with water and oily substances.

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