Thor, the god of thunder, awoke one morning in Asgard to discover his hammer, Mjolnir, stolen. Thor’s most prized and powerful weapon, Mjolnir, was named after the Norse god of lightning.

Thor combed the entire world for clues. In the end, he faced off against his old buddy and ally, Loki. Thor surmised that Loki, who is known for his pranks, might have something to do with the absurdity of the scenario.

When Mjolnir disappeared, Loki swore that he had nothing to do with it and vowed to assist Thor in finding it.

He accepted Loki’s help even though Thor was skeptical. The gods sought the help of the goddess Freya. For his journey across the Nine Realms, Odin borrowed Freya and Thor’s magical hawk feathers, which could transform anyone into a hawk.

Odin’s crone Freya

Being an experienced shapeshifter, Loki flew to the world tree’s root system with the feathers of the hawk he’d just acquired. Huge beasts and cruel beings abounded in the giants’ homeland of Jotunheim, which was nestled deep inside the Great Tree’s rotting roots. Jotunheim’s gigantic monsters had colluded to seize Thor’s hammer, which Loki believed to be an extremely potent weapon.

It was no issue for Loki to enter the room of the giant monarch Thrym, since Loki himself is one of the giants of Jotunheim. A smug and egotistical Thrym boasted to Loki that Mjolnir had been buried eight miles below, and that if the gods of Asgard wanted it back, he’d marry Freya, the most beautiful goddess.

The sorrowful news was brought back to Asgard by Loki, who donned the falcon’s plumage once more. Freya was so outraged that her room was trembling and her brisingamen necklace was flying around her neck. You will find motifs of the hammer of thor in this category of viking rings and a lot of differents designs.

Necklace of brisingamen Viking-Celtic viking Freya

The new gods’ promise to a giant is nothing more than a ruse, and no deity would ever be so bold as to wed Freya to a Jotunheim monster. It’s unlikely that she’d allow something so heinous to happen.

Among the gods of Asgard, there was definitely a battle. Tensions were high. Odin, on the other hand, was a patient man who trusted that one of his children or daughters would devise a strategy. As the All-wisdom Father’s is passed down to his children, this is the correct path.

Heimdall, the god of lightning, was the first to answer the call. He devised a strategy for reclaiming Thor’s hammer with calm and steadfast confidence.

Thor might be disguised as Freya and given to Thrym by Heimdall. Thor was to use the hammer to annihilate their foes once it was revealed.

The other gods would refer to Thor as a woman if he accepted this approach, according to Thor. Loki promised that he would transform into the servant of Thor. To induce Thor to wear a bridal dress even after Freya promised to lend him Brisingamen, the magical necklace, it needed a lot of coaxing.

Thor and Loki sped through the nine planets at night to Jotunheim, where Thor’s goats, the Grinder and the Toothbreaker, enticed them with their horns.

Thor and Loki were welcomed by Thrym and his court upon their arrival in Jotunheim. Their ruses had been successful. In the giants’ minds, Freya and her handmaiden had been accepted by the group of giants.

The night before the wedding, there was a huge bash. As for Thor, he downed three measures of mead along with a whole ox and several salmon fillets. When Thrym noticed his bride’s appetite, he got suspicious. At the dinner table, there was a lot of murmuring. Thum heard from Loki that his wife was hungry and went to check on her. For eight nights, she hadn’t eaten since she was in love with the king of the giants and wanted to marry him.

Thrym, blinded by his own arrogance, fell for Loki’s ruse and attempted to kiss Thor while the Mead flowed through his veins. However, he was startled by the crimson eyes staring back at him from inside Thor’s veil.

Thrym was told by Loki that Freya’s crimson eyes were the result of her not sleeping for eight nights in preparation for the wedding, and he intervened once more.

Loki’s reasoning was once again accepted by the gigantic moron.

In return for her friendliness and goodwill, one of Thrym’s sisters even dared to demand the bride’s wedding rings.

Thor’s rage was mounting, but he maintained his composure since Loki was right there, waiting for the right opportunity to use the hammer.

All that remained to be done was to get married. It was customary for the bride to sit on a hammer to assure her fertility and prosperity. Only this hammer was Mjolnir and Thor’s bride was Mjolnir’s bride.

Thor and Moljnir are two of the most powerful characters in the world.

The moment Thor wrapped his fingers around the hammer’s handle, he tore the veil from his eyes and promptly crushed Thrym’s skull with his hammer’s blunt end. In the end, it was Thrym’s sister who was the last to die.

They returned to Asgard that night with news of their victory and another tale to tell among the honeycombed drafts of Thrym’s hall.


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