A playground is more than just a few swings and benches built on a piece of land. If it was so easy, everybody would have built it. A commercial playground requires a lot of planning and only professionals can build them to suit a particular theme. 

The Inspire Play commercial playgrounds for instance are of many kinds – Themed playgrounds, Nature play and outdoor classroom, freestanding play equipment, aquatic water play, and so much more. 

Every single type of playground is built with a specific motto in mind. That said, there are many benefits of a commercial playground for kids as well as adults. Interested in knowing about them? Just dive in and explore everything yourself. 

Health Benefits of a Playground 

It might sound very strange, but it’s true. Children nowadays spend 90% of their time on video games and electronics. Such a stagnant lifestyle at such an early age can lead to serious problems like obesity. In fact, scientists also indicate that not playing outdoors and being in a room 24 X 7 affects the immunity and IQ of children in a negative way. 

When kids play outside, they’re able to benefit in the following ways. 

  1. They learn how to build things. 
  2. Their eyes are protected from excessive screen time. 
  3. Playing makes them physically stronger. 
  4. They become more social since they get to meet more children and make more friends. 

Commercial Playgrounds are Better for Adults 

No, we’re not talking about swings. We’re talking about community playgrounds with freestanding fitness equipment. The benefits of being in open air rather than inside a gym have been explained below. 

  1. An open area reduces restlessness. 
  2. Commercial playgrounds are a boon for people who are claustrophobic. 
  3. Outdoor activities like playing Soccer or basketball is a lot more motivation to stay fit rather than being on a treadmill. 

They Help in Making Social Connections 

People all over the world are busy on their phones all the time. It has reduced human to human interaction. People like being in a relationship with their phones rather than with other humans. Being in an interesting playground will bring back the losing touch between people. Face to face interactions will make you more social.

To sum up, playgrounds are more than fun areas – they are the places where you get to connect with other people, make friends, and promote your health. 


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