Noida is one of the populated liveable cities in Delhi NCR. It is because of budget and facilities. So if you’re also going to rent an area in Noida or are paying high rent, this blog will assist you to find the most cost-effective accommodation in Noida. Let’s gather some information about this pocket-friendly accommodation in Noida.

Sector 1

Many land projects have resulted in investors getting regular returns on their investments. That’s why they hire out their properties at relatively cheap rates compared to other cities. Single room with kitchen costs INR 4500 and 2BHK costs INR 8000 per month. Find a reliable room for rent in Noida for your needs.

Sector -39

One of the simplest residential areas in Noida for all kinds of tenants is Sector -39. This area is that the most developed and most densely urban area because it’s on the brink of the subway and markets. You get quick access to the closest market by car at a way lower cost.

Sector- 47

Sector 47 is one of the posh areas for comfortable living. This area gives you the simplest location with the simplest facilities as a secure place with many parks with large green spaces to enjoy the encompassing nature. You furthermore may have access to nearby shops and markets where you’ll enjoy a pleasing shopping experience with friends and family.

Sector 15

There are a variety of restaurants and a shopping market nearby. For bachelors and families, you’ll find an outsized number of apartments and suites on offer at affordable prices. Additionally, this place features an excellent transportation network by subway. You can get a low-cost room for rent in Kolkata.

Sector 13

This area is extremely on the brink of the Noida highway. The value of renting a newly built apartment is around INR 6,000 to INR 12,000. Additionally, the apartment is a component of a closed community project.


For bachelor, you’ll get 1 BHK at an affordable price. From restaurants to pubs and shopping malls, this place is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is meant for your relaxation. The hotel has quick access to the subway and various shopping opportunities.

These were the few areas where you can get a house for yourself in Noida.

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