Team kits are often just as impactful as the team that sports them throughout the years and there have been some truly fantastic options, as well as some that have missed the mark altogether – kits today have become much better at incorporating the big logos of the crypto companies and betting sites that make up much of what’s seen with many more options like these online too, but some of the older kits did a great job too – so here’s some of the more creative kits that United have fielded throughout the years. 

01/02 Reversible Kit – This is one that features in many lists, not just for United kits but for all teams – it’s a kit that reminds many fans today of their childhood as at the time it was one of the coolest ideas out there. The white version tends to be better received than the reversible gold version of the kit, but even today still is a very strong statement piece of a team willing to try something different for their kits – just not the comfiest to wear during a long 90-minute game with the material starting to feel a bit heavier than other kits of the time. 

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92/93 Third Kit – The throwback kit to the time before United was known as it is today, the Newton Heath inspired kit is one that receives some mixed feedback from fans. It’s a very important kit in the club’s history and the yellow and green color block style does clash a bit, for fans of the history of the club it’s considered to be a great strip, and for others something quite ugly – what’s your opinion on this classic kit? A timeless piece or something that should be kept out of sight. 

08/09 Away Kit – There’s something very satisfying about a clean strip that doesn’t look over the top, and with the AIG logo of old being big and quite empty it certainly helped with the clean white away kit with the blue trim. It’s very similar to the 06/07 home kit that featured the red and white trim and gives a timeless and very clean look that’s a better effort than some more recent kits seen on the pitch – some of the recent home kits have went back to this same style too, very flat and easy to look at.

There will certainly be some more great kits and some more bad kits yet to come, but which have been some of the other most memorable strips not mentioned?


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