Wondering what type of phone system might be best for your business? If you’re looking into business phone system options, you’ve probably heard about VoIP. But, with all the information available, it may be challenging to understand if VoIP is right for you and your business. In this article, we’ll tell you 5 fun facts about a VoIP business phone system that can help you make your decision about choosing the best business phone system for your needs.

Fact #1: It Cuts Business Phone Phone Bills Substantially

When it comes to choosing a phone system for business, costs are undoubtedly top priority. Since VoIP allows for connection to devices you already have, there is no need to purchase expensive phone equipment. Plus, as VoIP uses broadband internet to send data, this saves costs in wiring and maintenance fees. Thus, saving money down the road to customers that use VoIp for their businesses. 

Fact #2: VoIP Call Quality is Amazing

With the advancement of internet technology, equipment, and network developments, VoIP quality is better than ever. Therefore, making it quite competitive, and even sometimes better, than the quality of traditional landline systems. This means that VoIP customers never have to worry about the clarity and quality of their phone connections. 

Fact #3: You Can Set Up VoIP Lines on Devices you Already Have

Essentially, any device that has internet connection can be set up to make and receive VoIP calls. This is because VoIP uses the internet to make and place phone calls, video calls, and even messaging. Therefore, allowing you to set up your VoIP lines on any smartphone or tablet you may already have. And, giving  your business and employees the ability to take and receive phone calls and other forms of communication to and from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Fact #4: Start up is Easier Than Ever

Setting up traditional phone systems requires manual work to install equipment and wiring. However, VoIP setup is as easy as downloading an application to your smartphone or tablet devices. This means that you can get going with making and receiving business calls in the matter of minutes. 

Fact #5: Choosing VoIP Means Choosing Features Galore

Businesses that choose VoIP for their telecommunications don’t only get phone call accessibility. They can also benefit from a number of available features including call forwarding, multiple extensions, call recording, voice mail, greeting options, conferencing, and more. 

Getting a VoIP Business Phone System with Brytecall

Need business telecommunications and think VoIP is right for your business? Brytecall Business Phone Solutions offers VoIP business services for companies large and small. Learn more about our services and contact us today to get started.  

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