Semi-auto driving technology, roomy cabin, excellent power, affordable pricing, etc. are the reasons for 2021 Nissan Leaf to be a praiseworthy compact car. What grabs the attention of people is that while many companies have manufactured electronic vehicles that are quite costly; however, reasonable pricing is one of the reasons for Nissan Leaf to stand apart from the rest. Go ahead and book one when in Santa Maria Nissan dealership but go through the specs at least once before that!

Electric motor’s performance

The standard trim comes equipped with an electric motor that offers 147-hp and FWD drivetrain. The battery fitted for electric motor to work continuously is 40kWh pack. However, if you are buying Nissan Leaf then always opt for the Plus model. The reason for this is, the more powerful electric motor that provides 214 horsepower and comprise of bigger battery pack of 62 kWh.

The standard trim takes 7.4 seconds to reach 0-60 mph making it faster than most of its rival EVs. The Plus models are expected to perform even better and are much quicker on the acceleration that will put it in par with other competitors in this division.

An interesting aspect of this vehicle is the e-Pedal option; it is responsible for people enjoying different modes of regenerative braking system back and forth. When foot is released from gas pedal, the vehicle uses this energy for recharging battery without any hassle. If you are more interested to know about this before buying, simply talk to sales professionals from a Nissan dealer Santa Maria.

Mileage, battery life, and charging

An individual can use a regular outlet of 120-volt or 240-volt to charge this vehicle, but both outlets with different volt means charging time will vary. With a connection of 240-volt, people can charge all models of Nissan within 7 hours. However, some of the normal versions and every Plus trims has option of fast-charging through DC port.

The standard model offers 150 miles’ limited range, which is more than enough for people looking to travel within the city on a daily basis. However, Plus versions with larger battery helps this vehicle to have a much better range of 215 miles (SL Plus and SV Plus trims). Maximum range provided by this electric car is 226 miles; however, for this people will require purchasing S Plus variant.

Affordable pricing

The basic trim is S and priced at $32,620 and SV trim comes at $35,910. The Plus models consist of S Plus at $ 39,220, SV Plus at $41,470, and SL Plus at $44,920. Most people opt for the S Plus variant as it offers the highest range when it comes to distance one can travel with this vehicle. Best option is to get S Plus and upgrade it with some of the additional feature which you might require.

Since you want to opt for an electric vehicle, you should check out 2021 Nissan Leaf as it is not just unique looking but also offers remarkable performance and is much more affordable than all of its rivals.

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